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9/14/02, 12:39 AM:
Fantastic website. I amg oing to tell my students to add it to their favorites as i have. A great teaching aid.
- Kevin, Boston, Ma, US

9/9/02, 9:45 PM:
I am in 6th grade. I am researching a project on Egyptian Religion. This site is very good. I will use it to help me with my paper. Thanks!
- Sarra Hey (sarraorca@aol.com), Vacaville, California, USA

8/30/02, 4:13 PM:
best wishes
- Enrico

8/30/02, 4:12 PM:
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- Enrico

8/29/02, 12:44 AM:
How do you do! You designed just a great webpage.
- Cathie, Sheboygan, WI, USA

8/28/02, 2:15 PM:
Hi, good home page
- Leon, Cleveland, OH, usa

8/28/02, 1:55 PM:
Very nice and usefull site. Found you on Yahoo dir.
- Carl (carloz10@yahoo.com), LV, Nevada, US

8/28/02, 3:47 AM:
I enjoyed your educational site so much that my family & I have just returned from Giza. Your web site is good but the actual field location is superb. Thanks to all the info you make available we were able to recognise most of the features there and get caught up in the spirit of discovery. Congrats to all the team. Colin.
- Colin Cooper (colin.cooper@quintiles.com), Vienna, Austria

8/13/02, 6:10 AM:
Dear Makers, First of all i would like to thank you for the huge quantity of information that i found in your site, information wich helped me to write my history college diploma. But now i find out a fact that dissapointed me, i graduated from History, Egyptian History, and i haven't the opportunity to work or to continue my studies because here in Romania the interest for Egyptology is so small and insigifiant. So, now i have to give up to the life and forget my passion... But thank you because you gave me the opportunity to find out more about my never forfilling dream. Ana
- ana radu (merit_ana@yahoo.com), Bucuresti, Romania

8/12/02, 5:47 PM:
enjoyed your site, thank you !!!
- Jerry Martin (discal@mail2dave.com), Staten Island, NY, http://statenmall.com

8/12/02, 3:10 AM:
Thank you. Good work guys.
- Andrew (andrew@hotmaiill.com), Mistret, NA, India

8/11/02, 5:19 PM:
I'm very interested in just how the multi-ton blocks used to build the pyramid were lifted into place.
- Kristen (bozo_button@yahoo.com), n/a, MN, USA

8/9/02, 2:18 AM:
I just discovered your site and want to thank you for all your work. I will visit this site frequently. Hope there will be more and more resources provided. Thanks again
- mike, RI, RI, USA

8/7/02, 7:45 PM:
Hi, I found your site and spent a while here. It's quite interesting and informative...I'll probably visit again soon. take care, chris
- chris (calif_chris@hotmail.com), sf, ca, usa

8/3/02, 7:41 PM:
Enjoyed several articles so far and will return for more. Do wish the articles had more illustrations, and that the Iraq photo piece had more detailed captions and perhaps links to related articles.
- Claudia Woodward-Rice (ricesofhi@hilobay.com), Honomu, Hawaii, USA

8/3/02, 8:07 AM:
Building the Giza Plateau By Pyramids in that shape and order was fascinating. What makes it more fascinating is that we could deal with the project on their context. There is one piece of eocene block measures 9 by 6 meters - that could weigh 400 tons- in the pavement of the Khafre pyramid; how could they move it ? once by our capabilities , and the other by their ideas- once we know. I have another aspect of the way they were built; I published it 10 years ago when I was the Dean of the Institute of Environmental Studies in Cairo. I wish I can talk to Mr. Lehner - his E-Mail if possible- because we worked together in Bayt alRazzaz in Cairo 24 years ago. Thank you. Adel Yaseen Professor of architecture Ain Shams University. Cairo
- Adel Yaseen (adhaha2002@yahoo.com), Cairo, Egypt

8/1/02, 12:02 AM:
Nice Site!
- Steven (stevenhill@tripod.com), Detroit, MI, US

7/31/02, 5:09 AM:
A very nice site. Good work guys.
- Alex (alex@hotmail-ou.com), Germany

7/29/02, 7:03 AM:
Greetings from Germany
- Robert, München, Germany

7/28/02, 10:02 AM:
nice site
- Dave (discal@louish.com), Staten Island, NY, USA

7/26/02, 3:39 AM:
Cool site.
- Paris, France

7/11/02, 10:10 AM:
Very nice and usefull site. Found you on Yahoo dir.
- Carl (carloz10@yahoo.com), LV, Nevada, US

6/10/02, 10:01 AM:
Were you ever at a Thanksgiving day dinner and you just couldn't stop eating and you had to force yourself away from the table? I thought I had seen everything on the WWW...your site is the best I've seen, in any category. Congratulations. Sincerely, Neil Slater
- Neil Z. Slater (nzslaterjd@yahoo.com), Seattle, WA, USA

6/1/02, 9:50 AM:
In an age of rush, rush, rush it makes sense to study the old ways.
- Tabatha Harbitz

5/27/02, 7:39 AM:
Nice Site -
- M. Knapp

5/14/02, 1:21 PM:
Thanks for the great site!
- Sérgio Ramos (ramos@eca.usp.br), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

5/8/02, 10:54 PM:
I enjoy looking at pictures of ancient society. Thank you for making them available online.

5/2/02, 10:15 AM:
Excellent photographic archive! The archaeological site photography from Egypt was just what I was looking for while doing my research. I also found the "Treasures from the ROYAL TOMBS of UR" unique and interesting. Thanks.

5/2/02, 1:00 AM:
The Egyptian culture seemed so much further advanced than their counterparts of the time. It may be that by expanding agrarian facilities and establishing parliamentary procedure to a semblance of government is what sets them apart. The engineering feats of the ancient landmarks are a testament to their ingenuity and resilience which can still be seen in their descendants to this day.
- Mark Hable (zipha346@aol.com), Trenton, Nj, US

5/2/02, 12:14 AM:
I long for the days when I can return to eating healthy Oriental food again...I'm so tired of the American Fast food, fast-paced way of life.
- Daria Thornhill (23thornhill@bocc.edu), Bedford, MA, USA

4/14/02, 6:39 AM:
I have been wondering why nothing about the pyramids had been discribed or mentioned in the old-testament. Especially in the part of Moises I have read the bible so many times but I couldn't find anything about it. Is that because pyramids had not been built at that time?(in Moises generation) But I know it dosen't make sense for the historical counts. This is pretty myth-serious(mysterious)isn't it? I believe there must have been SOMETHING ALGO NANICA hidden in all human's history so that cirtain people can keep their initiative of all humanbeing and that makes a looooooot of MONEY!!! Well, next month I'm leaving for Mexico to check with those pyramids of the Maya.
- Chica Nagasaka (egypt8yachiyo@hotmail.com), Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

4/12/02, 12:18 AM:
I enjoy old world art very much. Thanks and best wishes.
- Fractal Phil

4/6/02, 2:40 AM:
very interesting site!
- Sirchi, Austria

3/31/02, 11:27 AM:
Hello, my name is Viktoria. I am very interested in the history of Egypt and all the pharaos. I would be very happy, if you would send me some information about egypt to my adress. Thanks
- Viktoria (Vika-Dicker@web.de), Schweinfurt, Bavaria, Germany

3/31/02, 9:01 AM:
I really enjoy this web site. I am very interested in studying ancient history, especially in learning lifestyles of couples such as Mary and Joseph and also Justinian and Theodora.
- CarolJosephine (smack14486@cs.com), Fresno, CA, USA

3/29/02, 8:43 PM:
You have a great website, which we always recommend at our own discussion list/webpage.

Cami McCraw (cmccraw@swbell.net), USA

3/21/02, 8:34 AM:
Nothing since November??? what is wrong, is nothing being done, has Abzu come to an end?
- david w. nystuen (egypt4@msn.com), inver grove heights, minnesota, usa

3/11/02, 12:37 AM:
You have really great pictures on your website! I think you really give people a taste of what Egypt was like, and what historical things they had. Thanks!
- Hannah

3/6/02, 11:33 AM:
Thank you for creating a very nice representation of Oriental Culture!SiteUEbersetzenSiteAustria ArchitectsSite
- Archid (125@gmx.net), berlin

3/3/02, 11:17 AM:
I want a neckalis with my name hioglificks.How can I get one?I want it to say... [Bradon Matthew Johnikin] put it in acartoosh.
- matthew

3/2/02, 10:44 AM:
You know what would be really cool and interesting?...Information, or a phone number where one could find out the admission price.
- David Moore (dmore10@attbi.com)

2/26/02, 3:06 PM:
Dear Sir, Madam, congratulations to your nice website! The old pictures of Mr Breasted are fascinating. During the last days I read his book on the history of Egypt. It is an quite good example for scientific writing without scaring not-historians! In 4 days we will go to Egypt for 3 weeks. We are very curious about it... Good luck for your further work!
- Andreas Ehrenberg (andreas.ehrenberg@home.ins.de), Duisburg, Germany

2/18/02, 6:53 AM:
I am a 35 year old, black South African, working and living in Johannesburg. I moved up the Johannesburg two months ago from Cape Town. I have always wanted to study Egyptology and to become an Egyptologist, but my family has never been in a financial situation to afford me such an opportunity. South Africa does not offer any Egyptology programs in any case. Now that I am financial stable and have a good job with the third largest bank in South Africa, I feel the time has come for me to start my studies in the field of Egyptology. I am very impressed with what I saw on two website on the internet regarding Egyptology at two of the leading institutions in the world. One is n the USA (Brown University) and the other in the UK (British Centre for Egyptian Studies). I also had a quick look through the courses they offer and the Professors in their faculty. If I will be studying Egyptology, one of these institutions is where I want to do it. I contacted both these Institutions and I was shocked at the cost of the modules the offer to distant learners. I will be prepared to cover some of the cost but I will surely be needing financial assistance considering the Rand (South African Currency) Dollar exchange. We are currently paying R11.67 per one dollar and R16.34 for one UK Sterling. The scholarship application would be for 500 pounds. My question for your Fund is ñ Do I as a South African qualify for a scholarship of financial assistance. Also what are the grounds on me applying for assistance. Please feel free to reply to this email address so that a healthy dialogue can be established. Many thanks Ben Sassman +2782 451 4328 (After Hours)
- Ben Sassman (bsassman@africanbank.co.za), Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

2/17/02, 6:57 PM:
thank-you for teaching me about ur great site
- sal (?), wagga, nsw, australia

2/11/02, 5:08 AM:
Great site, I enjoyed my visit! UEbersetzer RussischUEbersetzen RussischAustria ArchitectsUEbersetzer Russisch
- Archid (arad@gmx.net), berlin

2/10/02, 8:42 AM:
Gr8 site ya got here. Loadsa info and a few pics 2 go with it!! Keep up da good work-it really helps me with my work and I've been gettin less detentions coz of ya. Thanx! 1 question tho...can u reommend ne other ites plz
- me, you, her, she, woteva u wanna cal ME (kool4eva2002@hotmail.com), England

2/9/02, 12:03 AM:
Ineed to get to the ISSL -Tinny,S What website address can I use?
- Lucrece De Materan (matran11@attbi.com)

1/21/02, 6:31 PM:
you guys gave me just what i needed, thanks!
- derick jones, new york, new york

1/18/02, 12:19 AM:
please list museum rules about backpacks, umbrellas, food, etc. on your web site. it would be very helpful to everyone, those traveling with numerous young children especially. thanks
- home school mother

1/4/02, 5:02 PM:
dear editor, I really appreciate what you've done.Well done! but i hope i could get sth about the clothes in Egypt.If you can help me with the comparison of the clothes in Egypt& China,i'll be gratefull to you .
- helen (lovehelen@usa.com)

12/16/01, 11:14 AM:
This page does not give enough info. I needed to look up how to prnounce a certian word and I don't know how. this page did not help whatsoever!!!
- bobo the clown (Sam51288@aol.com), hud., NH, U.S.

11/30/01, 6:53 AM:
ps: the comment below refers to The ABZU project page
- philip again

11/30/01, 6:52 AM:
1)Try to edit indexes in an easier way so that they can be browsed with more ease: an alphabetical index (at least in the "archaeological sites" directory) could be useful, since lists are growing longer and less consultable.

2)the background might look cool, but is not of ANY help to the eyes of the students like me who are seeking information within your excellent,resourceful site
- philip koch (philipinperu@hotmail.com), venice, italy

11/29/01, 10:49 PM:
Please note that the link to Minerva: The International Review of Ancient Art and Archaeology, now leads to a rather questionable webcam site which spawns multiple pop-ups. You may wish to take it down.
- Darcie Hutchison

11/28/01, 8:00 PM:
A very interesting and informative site. I enjoyed my visit. thank you, d discal http://discallowphonerates.bizland.com/
- D Discal (discal@louish.com), sunnyvale, ca, usa

11/26/01, 4:43 PM:
Hi!I was wondering if someone could give me some info on modern egypt entertainment thanks
- emza (emza2002@yahoo.com.au), sydney, n.s.w, Australia

11/21/01, 8:23 AM:
Dear classical groupies, Picaso went to see the cave paintings at Altimara in the Pyrennes. He came out visibly shaken and told all within earshot that we had learned nothing about perspective and colorization in 30,000 years. He also said he could not draw animal images that precisely. After his visitation ,he gave up and became a hustler of crap for rich idiots. If cro-magnon man reached the technological level of Altimara 30,000 years ago,why the heck are we not out on the rim of the Galaxy now? Is it just me,or has our civilization been going backwards for thousands of Years? Charles B. Tiffany
- Charles B. Tiffany (chaz38sp@kua.net), Kissimmee, Florida,34741, USA

11/14/01, 1:45 AM:
Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any info on Karnak?? coz im doing a project about it 4 school and i cant seem 2 fine enough info. also if u know any sites that have stuff about it then can u pleeeease let me know!! im desperate for info!
- Lana (gooey_pink_jelly@hotmail.com), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

11/13/01, 9:36 PM:
hi i was wondering if anyone could lend some info on modern egypt lifestyle for iam studying egyptian lifestyle at university. emza2002@yahoo.com.au
- emily (emza2002@yahoo.com.au), sydney, N.S.W, Australia

11/7/01, 6:45 PM:
I would like to know more about Afroasiatic...Roots of classical Civilization.The archaeological and Documentary evidance In other words,I am looking for all information pertaining this How long ago,what countries,and anything else you can send me
- George E Brooks (gebrooks@optonline.net), New Brunswick, NJ., USA

10/28/01, 3:53 PM:
hi i really like reading about ancient egypt about the pharoas and the kings goddess and queens i wanted to know was meena a king or a queen of anicient egypt because they said that meena was an ancient egyptian and has a temple of her own if you have any idea than write to me thanks from ayesha.
- ayesha (burstout3@hotmail.com), edmonton , alberta, canada

10/26/01, 8:35 PM:
I am currently in rRockford visiting with relatives. I thought, as I have an interest in ancient Egyptian history and artifacts I would make it a point to visit the OI tomorrow. I know I will be very interested if what I see, as I presently only see stuff in magizines and books. Only one small item I would like to point out on your website is I seem to be having difficulty in finding the museum hours of operation. Don't know if its me or whether it isn't cleary find-able. I stumbled across the hours. Looks like 10am to 4pm. Hope correct. I don't want to miss anything you have to be seen. Sincerely, Richar Young
- Richard T. Young (ojat6602@gte.net), Tampa, Florida, USA

10/18/01, 11:04 PM:
I really appreciate what you've done here.
Good work guys! Great site!
- Chipley Stardgard

10/9/01, 9:31 AM:
I think this is a very kool website, but I would like to learn more on why they mummified and what was the purpose. If you know anything further about why they mummified people and what the purpose was. Thanks, Alyssa Erickson
- Alyssa (skittles_152001@hotmail.com), Wisconsin

10/6/01, 10:17 AM:
I find it amazing that the oriental institute of this universtiy has involved itself with middle eastern politics instead of just being a neutral educational institution. The body of water between Iran and arabian peninsula has always been called Persian Gulf since ancient times but your institute is bluntley referring to it as "The Gulf". The mistake of re-naming a famous geoghrafical world location of political reasons in unbecoming a university. So is taking side in political matters. I expect you to act responsibly and promplty correct your mistakes in your middle east maps.
- Dr. Arash Jafari (Arash.jafari@virgin.net), Sheffield, UK

9/9/01, 7:26 PM:
Pics are nice. It was a little difficult reading the text with the gray textured background.
- naughtyteaspoon, midwest, U.S.A

9/7/01, 1:42 PM:
I think that the works of Thor Heyerdahl should find their way onto your index, particularly "Tigris" and "Early Man and the Ocean", which I think ought to be required reading for every archaeologist and ancient historian. With best wishes, colin Knox
- Colin Knox (knox_colin@hotmail.com), Glasgow, Scotland, UK

8/17/01, 10:12 AM:
For the last 10 years I have been learning about Sumerian culture and civilization. I commend your achievements and wish to know more on the progrss of your research. I did not see any reference to the work of Wadih Bashour, the Iraqi Sumeriologist.
- Hisham Ahdab (hishamay@lvcm.com), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

8/13/01, 9:06 AM:
i am very pleased your program. thugh collge is a bit far of for me i am looking forword to be joining you soon
- car2008 (cdebruhl@mcgehee.k12.la.us), new orleans, louisiana, usa

8/11/01, 11:13 AM:
I was browsing through the Breasted expedition photographs and was disappointed that there wasn't a chronological index for them to be viewed in that order. Any chance of that in the future?
- Robin Wagner (wagneroppl@yahoo.com), Orland Park, IL, USA

8/4/01, 7:34 AM:
Just a final reminder for our scheduled meeting to take place on August 18th 2001. Full details are available online at: http://www.newjerseyegyptology.com The Henry Breasted material looks very interesting indeed. Thank you to you kind services.
- Mark Warden (egyptology@att.net), Neptune City, NJ, USA

7/20/01, 9:06 AM:
I am very excitied about your Eygptology program, i already know a little on how to read Hieroglyphs. I hope to be joining you very soon.
- car2008 (cdebruhl@mcgehee.k12.la.us), new orleans, louisiana, usa

7/10/01, 3:34 AM:
Congratulations for your wonderful site. I would be so honored and so grateful to you if you include the follwing web links that include my research on you websites: www.infis.org/aymenibr.htm www.vhs.gilching.de/phorum www.eclipse-chasers.com/
- Aymen Ibrahem (aymen_ibrahem@hotmail.com), Cairo, Egypt

6/26/01, 10:09 PM:
I have begun my study of Egypt for the benefit of my daughter Haley and now my son Christopher. Our family dressed as Egyptians the past two years during Halloween. We have also reviewed the Field Museum exhibit, read books, etc. I am planning her birthday party in the Washington Park Fieldhouse where they have a room decorated with an Egyptian mural and I was looking for games/giveaways for her birthday party. Boy am I excited that I finally looked up your web site! I'll be by this weekend. I live in Woodlawn, only a few blocks away and I used to work in Chapin Hall!
- Laura Lane Ferguson (lauralaneferguson@ameritech.net), Chicago, IL, USA

6/9/01, 12:13 AM:

I would really like to thank you for this amazing educational site.



- Jimmy Twiggy

6/5/01, 9:52 PM:
I was wondering how one becomes an Egyptologist. Are there specific colleges or universities that have good Egyptological programs? I am a freshman in college heading toward a masters in clinical psychology right now, but I need to know how to get a degree in Egyptology. Thanks for any information you, or anyone, can send me!
- kelsey (beneret@hotmail.com), USA

6/5/01, 9:47 PM:
ankh uta senb to the Oriental Institue!
- kelsey, USA

6/5/01, 4:19 AM:
Hi, This is a really informative site, and I really like it. I was wondering, could you be able to answer my questions if i asked you anything?? We are currently doing Egypt for SOSE, and it would be great if you could answer my questions. Also, how quickly would you be able to reply??? Thanks heaps Adrian
- Adrian (adriangray_85@hotmail.com), Rather not disclose, Rather not disclose, Rather not disclose

5/30/01, 7:07 PM:
You have a super site!
- Claude Revelation (videos@holy-secrets.com), Ottawa,, United States

5/29/01, 8:44 PM:
I want to be an Archeologist. If anyone has any useful information on archeology or how I could become an archeologist feel free to e-mail me. Thank-you.
- Cassandra (Cool_Cat92@hotmail.com), Antioch, Tennessee, America

5/29/01, 10:51 AM:
this web site is very good it has a lot of info on it .ilove to look at the site because i want to be a egyptologist so the info is important to me i can gather lots of the info and collect it.
- jamie turner, wolverhampton , england

5/18/01, 10:10 AM:
You need more Info on Mesopotamia and i think you should have a translater because if there is a word in another language than you can find out what it means
- Jessica (jessie_girl30@hotmail.com), Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

3/27/01, 12:38 AM:
Hello, I am very interested in ancient Egypt and I was wondering if anyone had information about becoming an Egyptologist. What would I need to get into and what should I do to make sure that is what I should get into as when I enter colloge? Thanks
- eileen (princesshotty02@yahoo.com), U.S.A.

3/23/01, 10:55 AM:
Is anyone who knows real meaning of the name of "HATOSHEPST" in Libean desert? Something keep telling me that it was the place where Noah's Ark had arrived or where they had started their voyage!! And I have tried to translate that word "HATOSHEPST" by my own way and I found out this word includes something about Yact,Box,Exland,Fired,Departured,Port and so on. And I can not stop thinking that there exsisted up to certain lebel of those clif like ocean.Pronto estan alguien sentiendo como yo misma, por favor dame sus opiniones.Thank you,Gracias and Aligato.
- âéÇR (egypt8yachiyo@hotmail.com), Shibya, Torquiyo, Japtan

3/19/01, 11:49 AM:
You have great photographs!!!
- Katie W., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Milwaukee

3/16/01, 7:45 AM:
THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SITE Fortunately you're here because in French it's quite poor on the web (we're late about it) sorry for my poor english Jean-Marc

3/11/01, 6:04 AM:
Last Saturday night, after working for 8 hrs, and needing to wind down from the work, I watched a show on the pyramids. There was a "self-styled," archaeologists, who was trying to unearth the whereabouts of the Arc of the Covenant. I believe this show provided no relevant information whatsoever. It was based on poor science and speculation that followed no logical course. It is shame hollywood finds it necessary to reinvent this culture to satisfy our desire for christian dogma.
- John Howze (samajono@yahoo.com), San Diego, CA, usa

3/2/01, 9:16 PM:
- strh

3/2/01, 3:14 AM:
Anyone out there have any info on the so-called Dynasty 0 that is supposed to pre-date Dynasty 1. I think it might be the Scorpion King who I believe first unified Egypt only to have it revert back to warring nomarchs after his death. Any information on this would be greatly apreciated. Also any info on the new dig in the Valley of the Kings in the area adjoining the tomb of Tutankhamen, supposedly looking for Queen Nerertiti.
- caton-thompson (papasan511948@msn.com), Eugene, Oregon, USA

2/22/01, 4:27 PM:
why dont' ye, talk about muummies' at lest show some pictures' i ain't taken anther hour'a to find something'm about mummy's.
- shlby topy (er.com/./23), kiel, foop, Germany

2/21/01, 10:53 AM:
Excellent site with plenty of resources. Thanks and best wishes, Ian
- Ian Alex Blease (I.A.Blease@durham.ac.uk), Durham, Durham, England

2/19/01, 6:32 PM:
This is my first inquiry into this website. "Dead Sea Scrolls" have been of great interest to me. I wanted to know where Jesus "the Christ" spent his 15-18 yrs that are not recorded????? Did he travel to the orient,Alexandria,Egypt. India?? or did he spend those yrs with "The Essenes"???? or perhaps traveling with Hindus,Buddhist or Zen masters.??? He apparently did not share the same point of view with other JEWS. Why was he so Unique,different and others did not know him, ie,;{His fellow Jew Did he learn from others far,far away, in another land.?
- Frank P. Drohan (fdrohan_27534@yahoo.com), Goldsboro, NC, USA

2/18/01, 4:36 PM:
I follow your work in Yemen with great interest and I hope you would expand your field projects to the Sanhan region close to the highest mountain in that area called Kannen mount. I had read poetry describing the simple of the Himyarite kingdom and that the animal was largely found in that mountain.
- kenin, Yemen

2/17/01, 8:48 AM:
Where can I find information about Susa, Pasargada? Can you send me some copies of old persian texts (please, do not repeat the texts that apear in the web page of Persepolis)? Thanks.
- Manuel Rosa (taytas@gsmbox.com), Seville, Seville, Spain

2/16/01, 4:01 PM:
Dear genuis people, Normally the World has a force 7.5 Earthquake every 432 days; we have had 13 in the past 91 days. Is there any Egyptian or Sumerian records of Earthquake activity of this nature about 7500 years ago? It seems that all our current tremor experts are disturbingly silent on all these recent shakers. It looks a little on the Biblical side to me. Charles B. Tiffany
- Charles B. Tiffany (chaz38sp@kua.net), Kissimmee, Florida, USA

2/11/01, 1:24 PM:
Why don't you post a commercial. That would be so COOOL!

1/14/01, 8:12 PM:
Although many of your sites looked GREAT, I could not access them. I also had a lot of trouble reading the yellow print used on your site. Thanks for all the great resources!
- CE Austin (zeesporky@aol.com), San Jose, CA, USA

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