Principal Investigators
John Christiansen Deputy Director, Advanced Simulation Technologies Center, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
McGuire Gibson Professor, Archaeology, University of Chicago (U of C)
Tony Wilkinson Professor, Archaeology, University of Edinburgh (U of E)
Mark Altaweel Special Term Appointee, Project Interface (ANL)
Nick Kouchoukos Professor, Archaeology (U of C)
David Schloen Professor, Archaeology (U of C)
Kathy Lee Simunich Computer Scientist, Decision and Information Sciences Division (ANL)
Magnus Widell Research Associate, Cuneiform (U of C)
Chris Woods Professor, Cuneiform (U of C)
Graduate Students
Carrie Hritz CAMEL Lab Manager, GIS / Remote Sensing (U of C)
Jacob Lauinger Cuneiform (U of C)
Tate Paulette Archaeology (U of C)
Jonathan Tenney Cuneiform (U of C)
Jason Ur GIS / Remote Sensing (SUNY Stony Brook)


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