Communicating Oriental Institute

Branding Standards

Welcome to the brand and visual identity guidelines for the Oriental Institute. These guidelines are designed to assist the Institute in reaching key audiences with a consistent message. Whether we study, teach, research, or work at the Oriental Institute, we are all marketers for the Institute. To promote the Oriental Institute effectively, we must speak in a unified voice in all our communications. Every letter, email, speech, webpage, or brochure must speak to our strengths and core values clearly, concisely, and consistently, with the professional tone and look expected of a world-class institution.

Identity Guidelines

The purpose of this style guide is to unify and develop a cohesive identity for the Oriental Institute. This identity or “brand” should be consistent with all parties of the Oriental Institute. Consistent and correct usage of our logo will create a strong identity for the Oriental Institute, which in turn will bring greater focus to the diverse units that make up the Oriental Institute. The University of Chicago has a wider identity that must also be followed. Please refer to the University of Chicago Identity Guidelines: Communicating UChicago for more information on University practices in visual communication.

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