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The Oriental Institute Museum



PLEASE NOTE: The Virtual Museum offers a tour through the Oriental Institute Museum galleries as they appeared prior to being closed for a major renovation and expansion project in 1996. The New Egyptian Gallery, the New Persian Gallery, and the New Mesopotamian Gallery have been completely redesigned and are now open to the public. The remaining two galleries will open over the next several years. Contact the Museum for more precise information.

The Oriental Institute Museum is a showcase of the history, art and archaeology of the ancient Near East. An integral part of the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute, which has supported research and archaeological excavation in the Near East since 1919, the Museum exhibits major collections of antiquities from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran, Syria, Palestine, and Anatolia.

The Oriental Institute Virtual Museum makes use of a series of Apple QuickTime VR panoramic movies to take you on an alcove by alcove tour of each of the Museum's galleries, accompanied by descriptions of each alcove and their artifacts. Where appropriate, links to related materials on our server, such as the Museum's Highlights From The Collections, the Photographic Archives, and relevant Oriental Institute Archaeology and Philology projects will elaborate on the most significant objects in greater detail.


The following Oriental Institute staff contributed to the development of the Oriental Institute Virtual Museum: Karen Wilson, Curator; Emily Teeter, Assistant Curator; Jean Grant, Museum Photographer; John C. Sanders, Head of Computer Laboratory; and Charles Jones, Research Archivist.

Additionally, generous technical assistance and support was provided by the University of Chicago's Multimedia & Visualization Center (MVC - Academic Computing Services), in particular, Chad Kainz, Coordinator; and staff member, Peter Leonard. This project would not have been possible without their skill and tireless efforts.

Revised: June 18, 2010

Home > Museum > Virtual Museum