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Assyrian Gallery: Syria

The south end of the Assyrian gallery exhibits objects from the Amuq valley in ancient southeastern Turkey. The large basalt column base in the center is from the site known today as Tell Ta'yinat. Originally, it supported a wooden column. Beyond the column base are cases which exhibit the range of ceramics from the region. They are particularly important because they provided the key to establishing a basic chronology for the area. The case to the extreme left contains a series of metal figurines of men and women, which are among the earliest known metal castings from the region. In the center of that wall is a rectangular relief showing Assyrian soldiers celebrating their victory over Tell Ta'yinat. To the right are reliefs from the palace of the Assyrian king Sargon II (721-705 B.C.).

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Revised: February 19, 2007

Home > Museum > Virtual Museum > The Assyrian Gallery