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Oriental Institute Virtual Museum

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Egyptian Gallery: Predynastic Pottery

The Egyptian gallery of the Oriental Institute is on the north side of the museum. The gallery is divided into alcoves, each of which is dedicated to a theme such as religion, the king, art, and daily life. To the north are the ornate Egyptian-style entry gates.

The Oriental Institute's collection of pottery from the Predynastic Period (6-4th millenniums B.C.) is among the most comprehensive in America. The core of the collection was excavated by the Egypt Exploration Fund of London (later Egypt Exploration Society), by William Flinders Petrie and his associates in the last part of the Nineteenth Century and the early part of the Twentieth. Items of special interest are the full sequence of pottery which illustrates Petrie's "Sequence Dating," a chronology which formed the relative chronology for Predynastic Egypt, based on the development of pottery forms. Predynastic stone vessels are also exhibited.

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Revised: February 19, 2007

Home > Museum > Virtual Museum > The Egyptian Gallery