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Egyptian Gallery: Materials from the Late Pre-Dynastic and Early Dynastic Periods ca. 3800 B.C.-2700 B.C.

Buff-colored vessels with dark brown painted decoration of boats (in the tall free-standing case), are thought to be evidence for early contact by sea between Egypt and Sumer via the Persian Gulf and Red Sea. Other items in this section are finely carved examples of stone vessels. The height of stone working in Egypt was in the earliest period (early 3rd millennium B.C.) when large pieces of stone (breccia, diorite, slate) were fashioned into finely finished platters and vessels and even fanciful shapes, such as the duck exhibited here in the case against the wall. Stone mace heads, which were used as real or ceremonial weapons, and small sculptures, sealings and fragments of furniture from the tomb of the kings of the First and Second Dynasties at Abydos were excavated by the Egypt Exploration Fund (later Society) of London.

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Revised: February 19, 2007

Home > Museum > Virtual Museum > The Egyptian Gallery