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Egyptian Gallery: Funerary Beliefs

Detailed List Of Artifacts On Exhibit

OIM 10825 - False Door - Old Kingdom - Limestone - 500hx320wx60th mm
Rect, Center Depressed, Nyswredi Seated At Table Of Offerings In Window Recess, Central Panel Nyswredi Standing, His Name On Drum Above, Name & Titles On Inner Columns, Prayers On Outer Ones
OIM 10815 - Relief - Saqqara - Old Kingdom - Limestone - 750x320x40 mm
Rectangular, Inscribed In Sunk Relief, Khabauptah Seated Right With Scepter And Staff In Hand, Inscr. In Front, Honored By The Great God... Chief Hair-Dresser Of Pharaoh, Khabauptah
OIM 10814 - Relief Fragment - Old Kingdom - Limestone - 466x427x60 mm
Rectangular, Inscribed, Left Lower, Head And Shoulders Of Standing Courtier Biu With Staff In Hand, Inscription Cut In Sunken Relief
OIM 5027a - Relief Slab - Dendara - Old Kingdom - Limestone - 439x532 mm
Fragment In 219, Rectangle Ins Pepi-Seshem-Snefer, A Royal Treasurer Stands Left, Holding Scepter And Staff. 5 Lines Of Hieroglyphs On Right, And 1 Line Above
OIM 2036 - Statuette - Dishasha - Old Kingdom - Limestone - 693h, Base 34x30x23 mm
2 Standing Figures, Nekheftka & Wife Neferseshems, He Stands W Hands By Sides, She Stands W Rt Arm Across His Shoulders, He Wears Stiff Kilt W Triangular Front, She Close-Fitting Robe, Necklace & Wig
OIM 13952 - Statue, Head Fragment - Middle Kingdom - Quartzite - 185hx114wx121th mm
Back Of Head Badly Broken, Nose Missing, Chin Chipped.
OIM C280 - Statue, Head Of Nefertiti - Amarna - New Kingdom, 18 Dynasty - Plaster
Reproduction Of Sculptor's Model. Lost Eye Restored In Cast.
OIM 8303 - Statue, Sebekhotep Bust - Abydos - Middle Kingdom - Sandstone
Quartzite Sandstone, Bust Of Dynasty 13 King, Parts Of Uraeus, Headdress, Nose And Chin Restored
OIM 14088 - Statue, Tutankhamen - Medinet Habu - New Kingdom - Quartzite - 17.25 Feet H
Red Quartzite Statue Of Tutankhamon, Head And Torso, Crown. Reconstructed Are The Base, Lower Legs, And Queen's Statue, Arms Beard And Nose. Painted, Inscribed On Plinth.
OIM 10799 - Statuette Fragment - Old Kingdom - Diorite - 220x215x145 mm
Torso, Below Belt Line To Neck, Plinth At Back, Arms Missing Below Elbows, Query?
OIM 14054 - Statuette, Man Sitting - Old Kingdom - Granite
Red Granite Statuette,Seated Male Figure,The Hands Resting On Knee,Inscribed:Confectioner Tjenenti On Base
OIM 6739 - Stele - Abydos - Middle Kingdom - Limestone - 480x300x90 mm
Rectangular, Rounded Top, References To Senhu, Satsobek
OIM 16955 - Stele - Girga - 1 Intermediate Period - Limestone - 438x660mm
Long Rectangular, Standing Man & Woman Facing Right. Man Holds Staff In Left Hand, Grasps The Woman's Left Hand In Right Fist. Columns On Right, 2 Lines Above Woman
OIM 16956 - Stele - Girga - 1 Intermediate Period - Limestone - 1117x711mm
Rectangular, Standing Man And Woman, Right, With 4 Attendants With Offerings Left. Man Holds Staff In Left Hand And Wand In Right, Woman In Close Fitting Dress,... Inscribed

Revised: February 19, 2007

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