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Nubia: Meroitic Period and the X-Group

Most of the Nubian objects in the exhibit "Vanished Kingdoms of the Nile: the Rediscovery of Ancient Nubia" were excavated by Oriental Institute scholars in the salvage operations undertaken in response to the building of the High Dam at Aswan. The large round, painted pots in the large free-standing case are from the Merotic Period (ca. 200 B.C.-A.D. 300). These vessels are among the finest ceramics to come from the Nile valley. To the right of the pottery is a large case with objects from the Merotic and X Group Periods (200 B.C.-A.D. 550). These objects include jewelry and objects of cult significance, such as an offering table and a statue of a bird with a human head who represented the soul of the deceased. Such statues are thought to have come from the superstructures of tombs.

Other objects include examples of pottery which were highly influenced by the Egyptians, and in the corner, artifacts from the earlier periods (A and C Group) of Nubian history.

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Revised: February 19, 2007

Home > Museum > Virtual Museum > Temporary Exhibits