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Nubia: C-Group and the Kingdom Of Kush

The exhibit "Vanished Kingdoms of the Nile: the Rediscovery of Ancient Nubia" traces the history of Nubia through artifacts. Objects from the A Group culture (ca. 3800-3100 B.C.) and the succeeding C Group (2300-1500 B.C.) are arranged in the cases on the right wall. The function of the tall pottery object decorated with representations of snakes, excavated from an A Group tomb at Qustul, is unknown. The pedestal cases contain finds from royal and elite Nubian burials, including Egyptian-style shawabty (servant statues) and a Canopic stopper. The large case at the far left end of the gallery contains examples of Merotic pottery (ca. 200 B.C.-A.D. 300).

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Revised: February 19, 2007

Home > Museum > Virtual Museum > Temporary Exhibits