Oriental Institute Museum Archives

Photographic Services and Permissions

The cost for Oriental Institute high-res images (TIFF, 300 dpi) is $60 per image file, with additional costs for new photography ($50/hour) and/or Archives staff research fee when applicable. There is an additional fee for the permission to publish the image for commercial purposes. We will deliver the image file via a file transfer service. There is a postage and handling charge if the image is delivered by CD. Prepayment is required for most orders. To place an image request and/or to obtain permission to publish, please use the OIM Image Request and Permissions Form, and submit it to the Oriental Institute Museum Office preferably by email (oi-museum@uchicago.edu), or by post. 

High-Resolution Digital Images

Digital images, 300 dpi TIFF via file transfer (CD available by request) $60/image
New photography, in addition to print/digital image fee (1 hour minimum) $50/hour
Plain paper printouts of archival materials (photos, notebooks, etc.) EXCLUSIVELY for scholarly use $1/page

Most requests can be filled within 4-6 weeks. Rush service may be available for some orders; please contact us for more information and a price quote. Contact the Museum Office for availability of 8"x 10", black-and-white prints. Due to the age and varying condition of original photographic materials in the Oriental Institute Archives, black and white prints and digital images are supplied "as is" and are not returnable.

Permission for Publication

Print, electronic, online, or other-media publication or re-publication of images, whether scholarly or commercial, is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from the Oriental Institute Museum. To obtain permission for publication, please use the OIM Image Request and Permissions Form, and submit it to the Oriental Institute Museum Office preferably by email (oi-museum@uchicago.edu), or by post.

We provide three levels of permission for publication:

A. Standard Print
B. Online (excluding E-Books)
C. All Other Media (including E-Books, Film/Television)

Scholarly publications under 5000 copies

No charge. We ask that you provide us with a complimentary copy of the publication for inclusion in the Oriental Institute Research Archives.

Commercial publications over 5000 copies, all electronic and film uses

A. Standard Print Rights $100/print
B. Online Rights (excluding E-Books) $100/print
C. All Other Media (including E-Books, Film/Television) $100/print

Each permission level (A, B, C) is for single-language use. For multi-language permission, please inquire with the Museum Office. All of the permission for publication fees are in addition to the photographic materials fees above.

Terms and Conditions

1. The Oriental Institute Museum grants one-time, non-exclusive permission to reproduce images. Any additional permissions will be noted on your personal Permission to Publish letter. 

2. Whether or not the publication is copyrighted, The Oriental Institute of The University of Chicago reserves the right to subsequent use and the right to determine all future use of the image(s) by others.

3.  The Oriental Institute of The University of Chicago gives no exclusive rights to any publisher, and assumes no responsibility for duplication of production by others or any responsibility for claims by third parties.    

4. The image(s) will be appropriately credited in the form: "Courtesy of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago"

Postage and handling (minimum)

US/Canada $5
Overseas $15

We accept FedEx and DHL account numbers (postage will not be charged separately).

We accept the following forms of payment

  • Visa or Mastercard
    • please use our secure fax line (773.834.0233), and include the following: "c/o Museum Office," name on card, card number, expiration date, security code, billing address, and invoice number
  • Check drawn on a US bank in US funds
  • International Postal Money Order in US funds
  • Wire Transfer (contact the Museum Office for bank details)


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