Introduction to Sumerian Cuneiform

In this course, designed for beginners, students will be introduced to the basics of Sumerian cuneiform and the Sumerian language and will learn to read some basic Sumerian texts likely encountered in a museum setting.

Adult Continuing Education Courses

Drinking in Antiquity Workshop Series

A three-part workshop exploring the history, art, archaeology, and literature celebrating the culture of drinking from King Tut's tomb, Agamemnon's Mycenae, Plato's Athens, the Silk Road, and more.

Adult Programs

The World of the Hebrew Bible

Discover the Hebrew Bible and the world it comes from, and trace the new discoveries and revolutionary approaches to Bible scholarship that have emerged through the research of organizations like the Oriental Institute.

Adult Continuing Education Courses

Multisensory Tour

Visitors who are blind or have low vision are invited to experience touchable moments of the ancient world in the Museum.

Access Program

Knowing Shelter, Knowing People: Learning Cultures from Prehistoric Dwelling

This eight-week course introduces teachers to scientific concepts and inquiry-based methods through the study of shelter, with a focus on prehistoric dwellings at Jarmo, an archaeological site in ancient Iraq.

Teacher Program

Community Scholars Program

We bring the Oriental Institute to you.

Off-site Program

The Oriental Institute offers a mix of events and activities, including gallery tours, travel programs, hands-on workshops for children and families, exclusive members' programs, lectures, and rigorous adult education courses. The Oriental Institute is dedicated to engaging visitors of all ages and backgrounds with ancient cultures and the arts.

Adult Continuing Education Courses & Programs

Explore the ancient world through our onsite and online program offerings.

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UChicago Student Programs

Immerse yourself in awe-inspring archaeological discoveries. Travel back in time in our serene museum space.

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Family & Youth Programs

Investigate replicas of artifacts to solve the archaeological puzzle of our simulated dig site.

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K-12 Educator Programs

Learn from our archaeologists and get hands-on with lesson planning in our workshops onsite and online.

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Access Programs: Tours for Blind/Partially-Sighted Visitors

Visitors who are blind or have low vision are invited to engage in touchable moments of the ancient world in the Museum. Sighted companions are welcome to join.

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