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Dissertation Proposals

Dissertation Proposals in Ancient Near Eastern Studies Approved by the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, The University of Chicago.

Solange Bumbaugh
November 2009: Meroitic Worship Of Isis As Seen Through The Graffiti Of The Dodecaschoenus

Jill Ashley Fine
August 1997: The Socioeconomic Organization of the Metalworkers During the Late Bronze Period at Ugarit.

Elizabeth S. Friedman
July 1995: Technological Style in Early Bronze Age Anatolia.

Nicole B. Hansen
May 1999: Continuity and Change of Reproductive Beliefs and Practices in Egypt from Ancient to Modern Times.

Alexandra A. O'Brien
July 1996: Egyptian Women in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt: The Economic and Legal Activities of Women in Demotic Texts.

Hratch Papazian
October 1999: The "Per Shena": From Palace Estate to Sacred Storehouse. The Structure and Evolution of an Ancient Egyptian Economic Institution.

Tate Paulette
Spring 2007: Magazines, Models, and Artificial Societies: The Archaeology of Grain Storage in Third-Millennium Northern Mesopotamia.

Clemens Reichel
June 1996: Political Change and Cultural Continuity in Eshnunna from the Ur III to the Old Babylonian Period.

Eric Reymond
May 1997: A Structural Analysis of Ben Sira 40:11 - 44:15.

Robert R. Tate
December 2009: The Seljuk Caravanserais of Anatolia: A GIScience and Landscape Archaeology Study

Revised: December 6, 2010

Home > Research > Library > Dissertations > Dissertation Proposals