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Electronic Resources

2000–2001 Annual Report

Charles E. Jones and John C. Sanders

The following electronic mailing list and web pages were maintained, updated, or added during the year:

  1. Ancient Near East (ANE) Mailing List: This list offers four options for different levels of discussion on topics relating to the ancient Near East. Sanders oversees the majordomo computer program which automates the routine administration of Internet mailing lists and Charles E. Jones administrates the ANE list itself. We welcome either active or passive participation. Membership remains steady, as it has over the past few years, at between fourteen and fifteen hundred subscribers. Full information on the list, and a complete archive of all traffic can be found at:

    To subscribe to the ANE mailing list, now in its ninth year, send an e-mail message to:

    In the body of your message, include either one or more of the following lines:
    subscribe ane
    subscribe anenews
    subscribe ane-digest
    subscribe anenews-digest

    You will receive a return e-mail confirming your subscription.

  2. Oriental Institute World-Wide Web Pages: Several Oriental Institute units and projects either updated existing pages or became a new presence on the Institute’s website during the past year. Note that all web addresses below are case-sensitive.

    Amuq Valley Regional Project

    Report on the 1996 field season.

    Report on the 1998 excavation season at Tell Kurdu, Turkey.

    Breasted Expeditions to Egypt and the Sudan

    Captions for 1,100+ photographs from Breasted’s 1905–1907 Expeditions to Egypt and the Sudan. The images will be added during the next year.

    Conservation Laboratory

    Conservation Laboratory homepage.

    Dead Sea Scrolls

    New readings of Murabba’at Papyrus 24 by Norman Golb.

    Comments on the Dead Sea Scrolls by Norman Golb.

    Hamoukar Expedition (to Syria)

    Expedition homepage.

    Report on the 1999 season.

    Research Archives Catalog

    Web version of the Research Archives catalog.

Revised: June 6, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 2000–2001 Annual Report