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Individual Scholarship

2000–2001 Annual Report

John A. Brinkman

John A. Brinkman has several articles in press for the next fascicles of the reference works Reallexikon der Assyriologie and the Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. In July 2000, he participated in a conference on Ancient Near Eastern chronology in Ghent, Belgium, giving one of the main talks at the conclusion of the proceedings. In May, Brinkman worked in the Babylonian Collection at the University Museum, Philadelphia, completing the first draft of his catalog of the extensive Kassite archives there (about 5,400 documents) which were excavated at Nippur in the late nineteenth century. In the Winter Quarter, he began to post an experimental website on Mesopotamian chronology that will cover the periods from 2350 BC to AD 225 and eventually include comprehensive chronological tables, documentation, bibliography, and indexes.

Revised: June 6, 2007

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