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Individual Scholarship

2000–2001 Annual Report

Matthew W. Stolper

Matthew W. Stolper was invited to give a series of lectures on Achaemenid Babylonia at the Collège de France in Paris in December 2000. While he was there, he took part in a meeting on the structure and future of the website, produced under the direction of Pierre Briant at the Collège de France. In June he returned for a subsequent meeting of the steering committee of the website project. He and Charles E. Jones discussed and demonstrated work on online presentation of texts from Persepolis.

An article on “Fifth-Century Nippur: Texts of the Murashûs and from their Surroundings,” forthcoming in the Journal of Cuneiform Studies, includes annotated editions of stray texts from the Murashû Archive and contemporary texts from the same city with specific formal and substantive connection to the archive. It also presents and discusses an exceptional earlier text, from the Oriental Institute excavations at Nippur, that prefigures some of the legal language and administrative practice represented by the Murashû texts. A pre-publication version has been posted on at

In June 2001, Stolper returned to the Vorderasiatische Museum in Berlin for a week to resume work on Achaemenid Babylonian texts from the Kasr of Babylon. He plans to collaborate with Olof Pedersén (Uppsala), who has long been working on the identification and archival arrangement of texts from the Babylon excavation.

In collaboration with Charles E. Jones and Gene Gragg, he has continued to prepare electronic editions of Achaemenid Elamite documents from the Persepolis Fortification (beginning with texts partially edited by the late Richard T. Hallock), for online publication on the Oriental Institute website.

Revised: June 6, 2007

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