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Individual Scholarship

2000–2001 Annual Report

Karen L. Wilson

Although most of Karen L. Wilson’s time was devoted to directing the museum activities described in the museum section of this report, this past year she did manage to eke out a small amount of time for some other scholarly pursuits. During Winter Quarter she taught a new undergraduate course, “The Art of the Ancient Near East and Egypt.” In April, she presented a paper entitled “The Temple Mound at Bismaya” at the annual meeting of the American Oriental Society in Toronto. She continued her research on ancient Mesopotamian cult statues and published a review of Born in Heaven, Made on Earth: The Making of the Cult Image in the Ancient Near East, by Michael B. Dick, in Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research. In closer connection with her museum duties, during the academic year she served as a member of the Arts Advisory Group, convened by the Provost; presented a paper titled “Precious Beauty: The Art of the Royal Cemetery,” at the Oriental Institute Symposium in the fall; and made numerous presentations to a wide range of audiences on topics pertinent to the Ur exhibition both in Chicago and in other cities.

Revised: July 30, 2007

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