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Individual Scholarship

1991-92 Annual Report

Mark Lehner

Mark Lehner was in Cairo at the beginning of the academic year preparing for the fall-winter season of excavations that took place from October 15 to December 15, 1991.

Lehner gave a lecture, "The Archaeology of the Pyramids: A Report from the Field," to the University of Chicago Women's Board on February 4, 1992. On February 7th he participated in the American Association for the Advancement of Science's popular symposium, "How Old Is the Sphinx?," during the its annual meeting in Chicago. On February 9th, Lehner delivered a lecture on his recent field work at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

Lehner was back in Cairo from February 29th until March 3rd to participate in the Egyptian Antiquities Organization's First International Symposium, "The Great Sphinx: Towards a Global Treatment of the Sphinx." Seventy specialists in engineering, conservation, geology, art history, and archaeology met at the Mena House Hotel near the foot of the Giza Plateau to hear presentations on research already carried out on the Sphinx, to discuss possible future treatments, and to visit the site of the Sphinx. Lehner's contribution was entitled "Documentation of the Sphinx." The Egyptian Antiquities Organization's publication, Book of Proceedings of the Sphinx Symposium, is soon to appear.

On April 10th Lehner contributed a paper, "Archaeology of the Giza Plateau," to a symposium, "Beyond the Elite: Archaeology and the Giza Plateau Mapping Project," organized for the Society of American Archaeology's 57th Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. On April 22nd Lehner delivered a lecture, "Food for the Pyramid Builders: Excavation of a 4,600 year-old Bakery in Egypt," for the Program on Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. On May 22nd Lehner lectured about his work at Giza to the Evanston chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Lehner wrote an article, "Reconstructing the Sphinx," that was published in the Cambridge Archaeological Journal 2(1) (1992). He has begun to edit contributions to a monograph, the first of a Giza Reports series, about the results of the excavations at Giza. Lehner is working on a book about the pyramids for Thames and Hudson. He is preparing his dissertation, "The Great Sphinx of Giza: The Archaeology of an Image," for publication by the University of Chicago Press.

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