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Individual Scholarship

1991-92 Annual Report

Erica Reiner

The celebrations of the centennial of the University of Chicago brought many personal contacts for Erica Reiner; at the October convocation, Professor Oliver R. Gurney, Emeritus Professor at Oxford and a long-time collaborator on both the Assyrian Dictionary Project and on the Materials for the Sumerian Lexicon Project, received an honorary degree. Professor Gurney had been most helpful in the past with her personal research. His visit gave them an opportunity to discuss textual problems, and she had the pleasure of hosting a dinner in his honor. At the spring convocation she had the privilege of presenting for an honorary degree our former colleague and her collaborator on the project of editing Babylonian celestial omens, Professor David Pingree of Brown University.

As a past president, Ms. Reiner was asked to address the plenary session of the American Oriental Society's Middle West Branch, which was celebrating its seventy-fifth anniversary in February 12992 at the University of Notre Dame. She took advantage of several other shorter trips to the East to discuss details of the forthcoming fascicle of Babylonian Planetary Omens with David Pingree. Her personal research was deferred to parts of the spring and summer quarters that were spent at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton making revisions on the manuscript she was able to prepare there earlier. Her commitment to the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary continued over the academic year (see separate report).

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