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1991-92 Annual Report

Denise Browning

Our sales this year were higher than ever before for a grand total of $301,602.69, one and one-half percent over last year's mark, which is quite amazing considering these difficult economic times. Part of this success was due to the opening of the Nubian exhibit, which drew many new visitors to the museum, and to our participation in the "Newberry Very Merry Bazaar." This bazaar took place at the Newberry Library (located on the north side of Chicago) on the weekend before Thanksgiving. We were among twenty other non-profit organizations who offered their merchandise for sale. Not only was the adventure lucrative-our sales were over $4,000.00-but it also introduced many new people to the Oriental Institute. Many thanks are due to Jane Hildebrand and Michelle Monsour for their help in this monumental undertaking.

This year we also had a Christmas brochure mailing that was moderately successful. Thanks are due to Chris Galvin for the professional way in which he filled and kept track of all those orders.

Special thanks are also due to Florence Ovadia who creates our beautiful displays, to Georgie Maynard and Jo Jackson who keep the Suq clean and restocked, to Norma Van der Meulen and Marie Baxter who designed some of our most beautiful jewelry, and to Norma Van der Muelen and Carol Johnson for their help during inventory.

Our docents are amazing! Our real success lies with their patience and enthusiasm in dealing with the customers. If service is the key word of the 90s, we've certainly got it. With great affection and appreciation I also would like to thank:

Muriel Brauer
Lois Cohen
Charlotte Collier
Barbara Frey
Bette Goldberg
Peggy Grant
Janet Helman
Jane Hildebrand
Ruth Hyman
Jo Jackson
Carol Johnson
Inger Kirsten
Peggy Kovacs
Georgie Maynard
Giovanna Rostagno
Agnethe Rattenborg
Rochelle Rossin
Eleanor Swift
Mary Schulman
Mardi Trossman
Norma Van der Meulen
Barbara Watson

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