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1991-92 Annual Report

Table of Sales

Series Number of Volumes Sold
Assyriological Studies (AS) 378
Chicago Assyrian Dictionary (CAD) 709
Chicago Hittite Dictionary (CHD) 95
Materials and Studies for Kassite History (MSKH) 17
Oriental Institute Communications (OIC) 773
Oriental Institute Nubian Expedition (OINE) 221
Oriental Institute Publications (OIP) 465
Studies in Ancient Oriental Institute Civilization (SAOC) 924
Miscellaneous* 53
TOTAL 3635

*Volumes published jointly with other institutions:

Prehistoric Research in Southeastern Anatolia 1. H. Çambel and R. J. Braidwood.
Quseir al-Qadim 1978: Preliminary Report. D. S. Whitcomb and J. H. Johnson.
Quseir al-Qadim 1980: Preliminary Report. D. S. Whitcomb and J. H. Johnson.
Uch Tepe I: Tell Razuk, Tell Ahmed al-Mughir, Tell Ajamat. McG. Gibson, ed.
Uch Tepe II: Technical Reports. McG. Gibson, ed.

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