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1992-93 Annual Report

Harry A. Hoffner, Jr. and Hans G. Güterbock

Most of 1992-93 has been spent in preparation for sending to the printers the second volume, which will contain all the P-words. Our first volume, completed over a span of many years, contained words beginning with the letters L, M, and N. The P-volume will equal in size the entire L-N volume.

This year we have made the transition from sending our dictionary copy out to James Eisenbrauns for photocomposition to producing the camera-ready copy in house. Editor Hoffner has spent many hours conferring with Tom Holland and Tom Urban in the Publications Office. It looks like we will have the possibility of producing the new volume in the identical format but in less than half the time and at a substantial savings in costs. We are hoping that this is the beginning of a new era for the dictionary, marked by shorter turn-arounds and a better and less expensive published form.

During this past year our two Research Assistants have been Drs. Richard Beal and Billie Jean Collins. Most of their time has been spent in checking the accuracy of text citations and references to secondary literature. This time-consuming, but vital, process has taken many months. Beal and Collins have been assisted in this aspect of the work by graduate student assistant Joseph Baruffi.

Co-editor Professor Hans Güterbock celebrated his 85th birthday last May. Although dictionary work is physically demanding, and his eyesight has now failed him, Professor Güterbock faithfully comes to the office three or four times each week and sits with Professor Hoffner, discussing problems relating to specific dictionary articles. In no sense is Güterbock a passive, figurehead editor; he continues to contribute his ideas and valuable recollections to the process of shaping the articles into their final form.

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