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1992-93 Annual Report

J. A. Brinkman

John Brinkman has devoted most of his research time this year to a critical edition of Babylonian royal votive and building inscriptions from the Late Bronze Age (1600-1150 b.c.). In addition, he gave addresses to two scholarly groups: "The Middle Babylonian Merchant" at the national meeting of the American Oriental Society (Chapel Hill, North Carolina, April 1993) and "East Meets West: Asian Contacts with Early Greece" to the Caxton Club (Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois, May 1993). In the latter talk, he discussed Asian cultural influences on Greece, including archaeological stimuli, the transmission of the alphabet, literary borrowings, and the debt of Greek science and mathematics to their eastern counterparts. He has also been editing a small group of seventh-century Babylonian tablets excavated at Ur by H. R. Hall in 1919, which includes three legal documents and a private household inventory; the latter text is a relatively uncommon type and particularly interesting because it lists a wide variety of modest goods ranging from cooking implements, bed coverings, lamps, and personal jewelry to molds for making bricks.

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