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1992-93 Annual Report

Richard Jasnow

Work on the Oriental Institute Hawara archive, the focus of Richard Jasnow's personal research this past year, is progressing well. As mentioned in the last report, he is completing the publication of these papyri, which the late Professor George Hughes had deciphered and translated. Much of his spare time this summer has been spent in the pleasantly cool Organics Room of the Museum, where the papyri are carefully stored in a climate controlled environment. He would like to thank Professor Janet Johnson, Karen Wilson, Raymond Tindel, John Larson, Jean Grant, Laura D'Alessandro, and Thomas Van Eynde, who have helped him in his work on the papyri. He has been especially fortunate in enlisting the aid of Professor James Keenan of Loyola University, who has undertaken responsibility for the editing of the numerous Greek dockets and the single Greek document in the archive. The manuscript should be ready for submission to the Oriental Institute's Publications Committee within a few months.

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