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1992-93 Annual Report

Charles E. Jones

Charles E. Jones spent much of the past year coping with the catastrophe that befell the Research Archives last summer (see pp. 118-22), the aftermath of which is still having an impact on day-to-day affairs in the library. With the assistance of his staff, he was nevertheless able to produce two double issues of The Oriental Institute Research Archives Acquisitions List.

Despite the unusual events, Jones compiled, edited, and published a double issue of the periodical Pirradaziß: Bulletin of Achaemenian Studies, in February. His bibliography of the publications of Miguel Civil appeared, finally, in spring in the issue of the journal Aula Orientalis, dedicated to the celebration of Professor Civil's sixty-fifth birthday.

He continued his work in collaboration with Matthew W. Stolper on the preparation of new Persepolis Fortification Tablets for publication, and together they began a systematic survey of the uncatalogued material from the Oriental Institute excavations at Persepolis in the 1930s. For the three volume catalogue of the seal impressions on the Fortification Tablets published by Richard T. Hallock in preparation by Margaret Cool Root of the University of Michigan and Mark B. Garrison of Trinity University, Jones continued the study of the seal inscriptions. Towards the end of the year Jones began, in collaboration with Terry Wilfong, to prepare Materials for the History of the Human Body in the Ancient Near East, a collection of short essays, bibliographies, and indices on the little-studied subject of ancient Near Eastern conceptions and constructs of the body. The volume will appear in the series, Research Archives Bibliographical and Informational Documents, published by the Research Archives. Other volumes of that series currently in preparation include an analytical bibliography of bibliographical sources and resources for the study of the ancient Near East; a bibliography of the more than fifteen hundred dissertations in Near Eastern studies prepared at the University of Chicago; and a bibliography of ancient Near Eastern texts in translation. In collaboration with the Museum Education Program, Jones also began compiling material to produce a series of short topical and introductory bibliographies directed towards interested lay persons and the secondary school and university level.

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