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1992-93 Annual Report

William M. Sumner

William M. Sumner devoted his research this year to the completion of a monograph on the Proto-Elamite levels excavated in the ABC operation at Tal-e Malyan, Fars Province, Iran. This monograph, scheduled to go to press in the autumn of 1993, will be the third volume in the series, Malyan Excavation Reports, edited by Sumner and published by The University Museum, University of Pennsylvania. The Proto-Elamite levels at ABC include four extraordinary buildings: a warehouse containing a number of large painted storage jars, a building with well-preserved wall paintings, and two other buildings that probably served domestic functions. These buildings produced a number of Proto-Elamite tablets, a large corpus of classic Proto-Elamite seals and sealings, fine relief decorated pottery, and a number of small finds related to domestic activities and craft production. Evidence of long range trade includes obsidian from the Lake Van region in eastern Turkey, shells and mother of pearl from the Persian Gulf, and copper ore, probably from the central Iranian plateau. In addition to a descriptive report and analysis of finds, the monograph includes a general discussion of Proto-Elamite civilization in the highlands of Iran.

Since the last report on Sumner's research a review of The Archaeology of Western Iran, edited by Frank Hole, has appeared in the American Journal of Archaeology and an article on "Ceramics" appeared in Encyclopedia Iranica. Two additional papers are in press: "Archaeological Measures of Continuity and the Arrival of the Persians in Fars," to appear in Achaemenid History VIII: Continuity and Change, edited by Heleen Sancisi-Weerdenburg, Amélie Kuhrt, and Margaret Root, and "The Evolution of Tribal Society in the Southern Zagros Mountains, Iran," to appear in a book edited by Mitchell Rothman and Gil Stein. Another paper, on the history of American archaeological research in Iran, is in preparation.

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