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1992-93 Annual Report

Denise Browning

This was another good year for the Suq! Our total gross sales were almost $300,000, despite the recession; perhaps due to the recession, the December Holiday Shopping Spree and Memorial Day Inventory sales were both great successes and recorded the highest sales ever. Special thanks are due to all of those who spent long hours on our publicity and mailing. Our participation in the Newberry Library's Very Merry Bazaar in November also helped to increase our sales (almost 70% above last year's bazaar) as well as to generate publicity for the Oriental Institute. We thank Joe Scott for making the wonderful sign for our booth and Lois Cohen, Lisa Stetzel, and Chris Galvin who helped us conquer the immense logistical difficulties of transporting, staffing, and stocking another store for three and one-half days.

Noteworthy developments for this year include the return of a reproduction of one of our own sculptures, the head of the Egyptian cat with earrings. With our new product development fund we hope to do more reproductions next year. Currently under way are a new Egyptian card, a cuneiform tablet, and some much needed postcards. This year we also added a wonderful line of Central Asian rugs to our inventory that helped to brighten our lobby. We especially thank Lanny Bell for the donation of some of Martha's wonderful collection of jewelry, ranging from individual beads to a beautiful gold necklace. The efforts of Lanny Bell and Emily Teeter, who did some shopping for us in Egypt and Turkey, are much appreciated.

We would not be such a success without the help of our wonderful volunteers. It is their knowledge, enthusiasm, and patience in dealing with the customers that registered all of those 15,115 sales last year. Thanks are due to Florence Ovadia for our colorful displays and to Jo Jackson and Georgie Maynard who kept us well stocked and organized. Norma Vandermeulen, Marie Baxter, and Natalia Uribe designed our beautiful jewelry, and Mrs. Swift kept us in supply of our much needed recycled plastic bags.

Unfortunately, Chris Galvin, who worked for the Suq for almost five years, ordering our books and filling our mail orders, left us to move on to a new job; we wish him great success!

Three cheers for our great volunteers!

Muriel Brauer
Lois Cohen
Charlotte Collier
Barbara Frey
Peggy Grant
Janet Helman
Jane Hildebrand
Ruth Hyman
Jo Jackson
Carol High Johnson
Inger Kirsten
Peggy Kovacs
Lorraine Kubiak
Georgie Maynard
Agnethe Rattenborg
Rochelle Rossin
Mary Schulman
Ann Schumacher
Eleanor Swift
Mardi Trossman
Norma Vandermeulen
Barbara Watson

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