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1992-93 Annual Report

Janet Helman

This will be my last report as the volunteer chairman. Since I began working in the Education Office in 1984, we have seen great growth and change. The Museum Education Program has grown from one paid director and one volunteer to three paid positions and one volunteer. We have moved from the tiny cubicle of room 204 to the relatively spacious room 202. We have entered the computer age and have begun to examine what we do and, quantitatively, how well we do it.

The job of volunteer coordinator will be taken over by Catherine Dueñas and Terry Friedman, who began assuming partial responsibility for the Volunteer Program in January. To both of them, I wish as much pleasure and enrichment as I have enjoyed over the past nine years. They have asked me to remain as consultant to the Volunteer Program for next year, and I have gladly agreed to do it. This means I will still have the opportunity to see and work with you.

Cathy Dueñas has been a member of the Thursday morning team of museum guides since 1985 and has participated in many of our family and public programs. She is also one of our multi-lingual guides who takes Spanish-speaking groups through the Oriental Institute Museum.

Terry Friedman became a docent in 1974 and for the last several years has served as the Tuesday afternoon captain. She is also the originator and organizer of the successful "birthday party" program available to families in the museum.

Terry's place as Tuesday afternoon captain has been assumed by Larry Scheff. This year Alice James assumed the responsibility for captaining Tuesday morning, in place of Alice Rubash. Other captains who served through this year are:

Wednesday a.m. - Nina Longley and JoAnn Putz
Wednesday p.m. - Lilian Cropsey and William Boone
Thursday a.m. - Kitty Picken
Thursday p.m. - Elizabeth Spiegel
Friday a.m. - Debbie Aliber
Friday p.m. - Gloria Orwin
Saturday a.m. - Georgie Maynard
Saturday p.m. - Melanie Petroskey and Carole Yoshida
Sunday - Teresa Hintzke, Steven Ritzel, and Janet Russell

With all three volunteer coordinators working together, we trained our largest class of docents in many years. We are pleased to welcome to our ranks:

Bernadine Basile
Jane Belcher
Erl Dordal
Bettie Dwinell
Lewis Ginsberg
Irene Glasner
Mildred Goldin
Ira Hardman
Mike Loveless
Johanna Lucas
Roy Miller
Kathy Mineck
Ken Moore
Denise Paul
Diane Posner
Deloris Sanders
Bernadette Strnad
Annette Teaney
Jane Thain
Eve Weinberg

The docent course was taught this year by Lanny Bell, Tony Brinkman, Harry Hoffner, John Larson, Mark Lehner, Rick Schoen, William Sumner, Emily Teeter, Bruce Williams, and Karen Wilson. Our thanks go to all of them for their efforts and their time.

Our usual activities, Docent Days and Docent Digests, were extended by a trip this year to Cleveland to see the exhibit, "Egypt's Dazzling Sun: Amenhotep III and His World." All our arrangements were made by docent/travel agent Anita Eller, whose skills are most welcome. A large group of docents led by Ray Johnson enjoyed a great exhibit, beautiful weather, and a wonderful weekend.

Docent Day programs this year included a talk by Carole Krucoff, who introduced herself and her ideas to us, a tour of the basement area with Laura D'Alessandro and Ray Tindel, and a talk by Peter Piccione about his Theban tomb project. Bill Sumner reported to us in January about the state of the building project, and Karen Wilson took us through the Assyrian gallery. Frank Yurco gave a program on Hatshepsut and Cathy Dueñas did a gallery talk, "The Emancipated Women of Ancient Egypt."

We also had a gala lunch party to celebrate the 100th birthday of original docent Ida De Pencier, who is a role model for many of us and to whom we wish many happy returns.

I want to express my thanks to all the faculty and staff of the Oriental Institute who contribute so much to the Volunteer Program and who have made my job so enjoyable. I also want to acknowledge the great pleasure I derived from my association with the Education Office and to thank Joan Barghusen with whom I worked for so many years and Carole Krucoff, who in the last year has brought new enthusiasm as well as new programs to our office. The other members of our office staff, Terri Barbee and Kaylin Goldstein, who do so much for the docents, have become treasured friends.

My greatest thanks, however, go to the volunteers who come in every week and make it possible for the Oriental Institute Museum to continue to present as many public programs as we do. Besides those programs that are presented by the Museum Education Program, the docents led 21,892 people on tours through the museum in 1991-92. That represents a 10% increase over 1990-91, which is the first year our computers allowed us to begin collecting data.

The docents do their jobs efficiently and dependably making it possible to schedule large numbers of highly varied groups, many of whom have been returning every year to see the Oriental Institute Museum. They present the Oriental Institute to an ever-growing public and are our best ambassadors.

Regularly Scheduled Docents

Nancy Baum
Christel Betz
Dorothy Blindt
William Boone
Teddy Buddington
Charlotte Collier
Catherine Dueñas
Anita Eller
Gordon Evison
Marilyn Fellows
Esther Fifield
Shirley Freundlich
Joan Friedmann
John Gay
Betty Geiger
Anita Greenberg
Mary Grimshaw
Marsha Holden
Barbara James
Samantha Johnson
George Junker
Mary Jo Khuri
Barbara Klawans
Betsy Kremers
Judy Licata
Kay Matsumoto
Caryl Mikrut
Dorothy Mozinski
Jean Niblack
Carolyn Payer
Rita Picken
Dawn Prena
Patrick Regnery
Barbara Rollhaus
Joan Rosenberg
Alice Rubash
Norman Rubash
Laura Sanchez
Lawrence Scheff
Anne Schumacher
Lillian Schwartz
Mary Shea
Daila Shefner
Bernie Shelley
Richard Watson
Beverly Wilson

Substitute Docents

Betty Baum
Margara Foorman
Barbara Frey
Peggy Grant
Bud and Cissy Haas
Alice Mulberry
Muriel Nerad
Mary D'Ouville

Suq Docents

Muriel Brauer
Lois Cohen
Charlotte Collier
Barbara Frey
Bette Goldberg
Peggy Grant
Janet Helman
Jane Hildebrand
Ruth Hyman
Jo Jackson
Carol High Johnson
Inger Kirsten
Peggy Kovacs
Lorraine Kubiak
Agnethe Rattenborg
Rochelle Rossin
Mary Schulman
Anne Schumacher
Mardi Trosman
Norma Vandermeulen
Barbara Watson

Museum Archives Volunteers

Kay Ginther
Sandra Jacobsohn
Carolyn Livingood
Melanie Petroskey
Joan Rosenberg

Registrar's Office Volunteers

Debbie Aliber
Michelle Biehl
Judy Cherchi
Debbie Darnell
Aimee Drolet
Anita Eller
Leila Foster
Peggy Grant
Mary Grimshaw
Georgie Maynard
Eric Poryles
Lillian Schwartz
Nicole Simpson
Carolyn Swain
Peggy Wick

Photography Lab Volunteers

Maria Ahlstrom
David Deckert

Education Office Librarian

Debbie Aliber

Ceramics Restoration

Elizabeth Tieken

Assistant to Epigraphic Survey

Diana Grodzins

Assistants to the Prehistoric Project

Diana Grodzins
Andrée Wood

Suq Office and Stock Room Volunteers

Georgie Maynard
Eleanor Swift

Membership Office Volunteers

Charlotte Collier
JoAnn Putz

Hittite Dictionary Project Volunteer

Irv Diamond

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