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Individual Scholarship

1993-94 Annual Report

Miguel Civil

Besides the unglamorous job of compiling the hypertext corpus of lexical and literary Sumerian texts, Miguel Civil has been working on a book, a commented critical edition of the "Farmer's Instructions," scheduled to appear at the end of June. This text is a eighteenth century b.c. manual, written in Sumerian, on how to cultivate barley. It is a difficult text with technical information of great interest for the history of agriculture, and Civil's is the first complete edition. He has also in press a study entitled "From the Epistolary of the Edubba" with editions of letters of teachers of ancient Mesopotamian schools. In the American Oriental Society Annual Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, he read a paper on some archaic Semitic loanwords in Sumerian of a type so far unrecognized. He has finished two other papers, one on "Reed Fences and Apple Trees" for the Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale in Berlin, another on the middle voice of the Sumerian verb for a meeting in Munich. The usual encyclopedia articles and minor contributions also took some of his time. Last summer he collated some lexical tablets from Emar in Aleppo (Syria) and in December gave a short seminar on Sumerian phonology at the Oriental Institute of the University of Barcelona.

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