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Individual Scholarship

1993-94 Annual Report

Mcguire Gibson

In addition to his normal work on Nippur and his field work in Yemen, McGuire Gibson has been cooperating with Dr. Augusta McMahon and a group of graduate students on a compilation of a catalogue of the small objects from the Diyala Region. The aim of the work is the eventual publication of a set of volumes devoted to this material. The late Prof. Helene Kantor had prepared three chapters on some of the objects, and these will be incorporated into the publications. The small objects are the only category of material yet to be published from the Oriental Institute's important 1930s excavations in the Diyala area, located to the east of Baghdad. There are thousands of these objects and the work will, therefore, take several years to complete, but the rewards will be great. These objects, often in themselves of art-historical interest, also give critical information for dating, and when combined with all other finds in a room, can give evidence on the function of that space. Gibson and Dr. McMahon are preparing grant applications to aid in the preparation of manuscripts of these volumes.

In March, he traveled to Lyon, France, for the final working session on a corpus of second millennium pottery. The corpus, originally a cooperation between the Oriental Institute and the University of Ghent, now includes archaeologists from several countries and will be the definitive word on the subject for some years to come.

He has also spent part of the year in revising articles on the origins of Mesopotamian civilization and on seal style of the Parthian period that are being published in Japan and Italy.

He continues to serve as the President of the American Institute for Yemeni Studies. As President of the American Association for Research in Baghdad, he helps to keep alive the expectation that scholars will return to work in Iraq. He still serves as a member of the Board of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers.

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