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Individual Scholarship

1993-94 Annual Report

William M. Sumner

William M. Sumner presented a lecture on the history of archaeological research in Fars Province, Iran at the opening of the exhibit Before Persepolis: Anshan in Highland Iran on October 21, 1993 at the University Museum, University of Pennsylvania. The exhibit included objects on loan that were excavated by the Oriental Institute at Tall-i-Bakun and Persepolis between 1931 and 1938 and objects excavated by the University of Pennsylvania at Tal-e Malyan, ancient Anshan, under Sumner's direction in 1971-78. Sumner also presented a paper on chronological problems in Fars province at the symposium "Before Persepolis: Highland Iran in the Third Millennium b.c." in Philadelphia on March 10-11, 1994. Both the exhibit and the symposium were organized by Holly Pittman and Robert H. Dyson, with funding from the Hagop Kevorkian Fund.

Sumner's chapter, "The Evolution of Tribal Society in the Southern Zagros Mountains, Iran," appeared in Chiefdoms and Early States in the Near East: The Organizational Dynamics of Complexity, edited by Gil Stein and Mitchell S. Rothman.

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