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The Museum Suq

1993-94 Annual Report

Denise Browning

This has been a very busy year for the Suq. Besides our normal day-to-day sales we also participated in two book autographings, a weekend at the Newberry Library's Very Merry Bazaar and the Printer's Row Book Fair. We recorded the highest sales ever in a single day on the first day of our Holiday Sale in December, and our inventory sale in June is doing very well. With the possible closing of the museum for renovation we will be doing more and more outside activities, yet we plan to keep the Suq open during the entire renovation process.

This year we were very proud to develop a replica of one of our own cuneiform tablets. The original is a Neo-Babylonian tablet that dates to 560 b.c. and confers freedom to a slave family. Our replica is made of solid baked clay similar to the original process used to make clay tablets. We have also developed a beautiful blind embossed notecard from one of our Ptolemaic reliefs.

I wish to thank all of those who have made this year such a successful one. To all of our very loyal docents who give freely of their time, expertise and patience every week in dealing with our customers as well as those who fill in when necessary. Thanks! I don't say it often enough. Your work is greatly appreciated and very necessary for the operation of the Suq. Thanks to those who help behind the scenes with restocking and display, and to our students who often give more to the Suq than hours on a time card.

Loyal Regulars

Charlotte Collier
Loraine Kubiak
Ann Schumacher
Barbara Frey
Agnethe Rattenborg
Jane Thain
Jane Hildebrand
Rochelle Rossin
Norma van der Meulen
Ruth Hyman
Mary Schulman
Barbara Watson
Peggy Kovacs

Loyal Extras

Peggy Grant
Jo Jackson
Denise Paul
Janet Helman
Mardi Trossman
Sue Barker

Behind the Scenes

Jo Jackson
Georgie Maynard
Eleanor Swift

Newberry Volunteers

Lois Cohen
Loraine Kubiak
Lisa Stitzil

Jewelry Designer

Siobhan Ritchie
Natalia Uribe
Norma van der Meulen

Talented Staff

Florence Ovadia
Paul Spruhan
Siobhan Ritchie
Natalia Uribe
Kate Sarther
Minh Le

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