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The Development Office


Cynthia Echols

The close of fiscal year 1995 offers an appropriate vantage point from which to assess fundraising initiatives over the past five years. Looking at membership and annual giving through vehicles such as membership fees, tour programs, and benefit dinners from 1990/91 to 1994/95 we see a 54% increase in gifts. All categories of private, nonfederal support from 1990/91 to 1994/95 show a 33% increase. These increases---for which we thank our many generous members, patrons, and funders---indicate a positive curve for support that we will continue to nurture in coming years. Looking at private, nonfederal contributions and excluding Museum programs and building project campaign monies, we realized a 52% increase in support for research, field projects, and publications from 1990/91 to 1994/95. This pattern confirms that the extraordinary, onetime building fundraising campaign will lead to stronger support and increased financial stability for all areas of the Oriental Institute. The Development and Membership Office will continue to pursue strategies that provide balanced support for the full spectrum of Institute and Museum activities.

We are pleased to report that in fiscal year 1994/95 the Membership Office closed the June ledgers with unexpended revenues in the low five-figure range. These unrestricted funds enable us to enter the coming year with a contingency fund to underwrite unanticipated project costs and to assist with faculty travel and other needs. This improved margin for membership revenues resulted from slightly more aggressive marketing (for example, the use of premiums and of space advertising for tour programs) and from cost-saving measures (for example, a modest reduction in staffing and deferment of office equipment upgrades).

The Legacy Campaign to support climate control, renovation, and expansion reached $5 million at the close of June 1995. A complete list of Campaign donors appears in the Honor Roll section of this report. Particular thanks, however, must go to Joan and Homer Rosenberg whose generous pledge-our largest nonfederal, non-anonymous gift to date-moved the Campaign to the halfway mark. We also wish to thank our corporate and foundation supporters: Amsted Industries, CBI Industries, LaSalle National Bank, MidCon Corp., People's Energy, and the Replogle Foundation. In addition we thank the generous sponsors of the 75th Anniversary Gala in October: The Daniel F. and Ada I. Rice Foundation, Abbott Laboratories, Chicago Title and Trust, LaSalle National Bank, MidCon Corp., and Turner Construction Company.

Other highlights of gifts and grants for this past year include: a planning grant to the Museum Education office from the Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust, an endowment gift for Chicago House from Daniel and Lucia Woods Lindley, project support from Mrs. Theodore Tieken, an extension of the Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust family programs grant, a bequest from the estate of Helene J. Kantor to support publication and an endowment for archaeology student support, and Amoco Foundation support for Chicago House. For a complete list of donors during the past year see the Honor Roll at the end of this Annual Report. Listed in that Honor Roll are the many patrons who generously contributed 75th Anniversary Commemorative gifts.

The Oriental Institute Visiting Committee met July 7, 1994, December 9, 1994, and May 22, 1995. Those meetings focused on the Institute's priority project: facilities improvements of climate control, expansion, and renovation. The July meeting included dinner at the Quadrangle Club; the December meeting was held at the University Club and included a faculty research presentation by Asl1han Yener and a presentation by Provost Geoffrey Stone; and, the May meeting, held at the Oriental Institute, included a presentation by Erica Reiner, and was followed by the Institute's Annual Dinner in the Museum galleries. Among social and educational events that included the Visiting Committee were a buffet supper with Egyptologist and mystery writer Barbara Mertz in September 1994; the 75th Anniversary Gala, "Romancing the Past"; and, lunch with Egyptologist Kent Weeks in June 1995. For the anniversary gala the Visiting Committee showed extraordinary generosity in supporting the benefit and underwriting the cost of tickets for faculty and staff.

Throughout the year Visiting Committee members, the Legacy Campaign Executive Committee (chaired by Carlotta Maher, Jim Sopranos, and Raymond Tindel), and Institute volunteers devoted much time and effort to introduce our treasures-and our needs-to a growing network of prospective funders across the corporate, foundation, and individual sectors. And, as we close the seventy-fifth anniversary year, the gala benefit chairs must be thanked once again: Margaret and Jim Foorman, Janet and Bob Helman, and Raja and Mary Jo Khuri. Jean McGrew Brown, Mary Gray, Carlotta Maher, and Mary Shea led the way in addressing and personalizing invitations. Tom Heagy, who served as Corporate Chair for the anniversary gala, deserves thanks for all his efforts throughout the year to extend corporate awareness of the Oriental Institute.

Our many "ambassadors" for the Institute ensure that we will succeed in all the varied areas of research, education, and outreach that have become our hallmarks. We wish to thank a few of those many ambassadors: Charlotte Collier, Deborah Gordon, Mary and Richard Gray, Bud and Cissy Haas, Bill Harms, Bill Kurtis and Donna LaPietra, and Nan Ray. And, of course, we thank all of the Institute's Docents.

Revised: February 20, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1994-95 Annual Report