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Individual Scholarship


Matthew W. Stolper

Matthew W. Stolper's survey of Mesopotamian history between the reigns of Xerxes and Alexander was published in the revised edition of the Cambridge Ancient History , Volume VI. Two other articles coalesced into a monograph, Late Achaemenid, Early Macedonian, and Early Seleucid Records of Deposit and Related Texts , published as a supplement to the Annali of the Istituto Universitario Orientale of Naples. The "records of deposit" refer to what might be termed custody accounts and some of the "related texts" demonstrate that these accounts were sometimes converted to interest-paying deposit accounts. More loosely related texts, gathered in an appendix, are legal records from the period between Alexander the Great's arrival in Babylonia and the establishment of the Seleucid kingdom, documenting the conditions that Alexander and the successors took over from the last Achaemenids. A paper on "The Babylonian Enterprise of Belesys," presented at a Round Table on the view of the Near East portrayed in Xenophon's Anabasis , held in Toulouse, summarizes the evidence of the Kasr texts, legal documents from Babylon, bearing on the commercial enterprise of the Babylonian who served first as a district governor at Babylon and later as a provincial governor in Syria, earning him a mention in Xenophon's account; the proceedings of the Round Table will be published in Pallas . Stolper also gave a general account of the Kasr texts, their place in the early history of Mesopotamian discovery and their value for the history of Achaemenid Babylonia at the University of Barcelona and at the University of Chicago's presentations to the Economic Club of Chicago's "Fifth Night."

Stolper's other recent work on Achaemenid Babylonian texts and history includes "Late Achaemenid Texts from Dilbat," a collection of legal records from a poorly documented time and place, published in Iraq 54 (1992); "The Estate of Mardonius," in Aula Orientalis 10 (1992), treating a small group of legal texts dealing with Babylonian property held by an Iranian figure of apparently high status, though he was perhaps not the famous Persian commander of the same name; "Iranians in Achaemenid Babylonia," a review article on Muhammad Dandamayev's book of the same name, published in the Journal of the American Oriental Society 114 (1994); and "A Paper Chase after the Aramaic on TCL 13 193," a communication presented to the annual meeting of the American Oriental Society, to be published in the Journal of the American Oriental Society , tracing errors, corrections, and renewed errors in the reading and interpretation of an Aramaic seal inscription with the name and patronym of an Iranian judge.

Revised: February 7, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1994-95 Annual Report