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The Museum Suq


Denise Browning

This year was a very busy year for the Suq , which thankfully resulted in increased sales over last year. As we get closer and closer to closing for renovation we are taking on more outside activities. Besides the four-day bazaar at the Newberry Library in November, we also participated in the Illinois Historical Preservation Agency's two-day fair at the James R. Thompson Center building in downtown Chicago. Several autographings---especially for Norman Golb's new book Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls and for our own Georgie Maynard's book Letters from Turkey ---helped to boost our sales. Our inventory sale in June was a great success with a 21% increase in sales.

We have also entered the world of computers by being listed on the World-Wide Web. We plan to be expanding our mail orders through the Internet as more and more people are learning about the Oriental Institute and the Suq .

The highlight of our year was a luncheon we gave for our docents at the home of Jane Thain. She was a very gracious hostess and we all enjoyed the afternoon immensely. The Suq is so fortunate to have such an amazing group of volunteers. Every one has their own individual skills that contribute to making the Suq the success that it is. Thank you!

Thanks should go to our office staff, too, for their wonderful contributions. It was a busy year for them also. Natalia Uribe visited Columbia, Paul Spruhan was in Ireland, Siobhan Ritchie was in Portugal, Kate Sarther was in Crete, Turkey, and Syria. Paul and Natalia graduated this spring after working four years with us. They will both be here next year working on graduate degrees and Siobhan will graduate this summer after working three years with us.

Docents - Loyal Regulars

Barbara Baird
Muriel Brauer
Barbara Frey
Ruth Hyman
Peggy Kovacs
Lorraine Kubiak
Agnethe Rattenborg
Rochelle Rossin
Mary Schulman
Ann Schumacher
Jane Thain
Norma Van der Meulen
Barbara Watson

Docent - Loyal Extras

Peggy Grant
Janet Helman
Jo Jackson
Mardi Trossman

Docents Behind-the-Scenes

Georgie Maynard
Eleanor Swift

Newberry Volunteers

Barbara Baird
Loraine Kubiak
Shannon Paul
Denise Paul
Diane Posner
Margaret Schröeder
Lisa Stitzil

Jewelry Designers

Norma van der Meulen
Asia Lerner

Inventory Technicians

Barbara Baird
Barbara Watson

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1994-95 Annual Report