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Individual Scholarship


Janet H. Johnson

Janet H. Johnson attended the annual meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) held in St. Louis in April, 1996, at which time she finished her three-year term as President. She very much enjoyed this chance to work closely with the ARCE staff during a time of great growth and challenge, both in New York and especially in Cairo. In March, she went to Copenhagen for the annual meeting of the International Committee for the Publication of the Carlsberg Papyri, the group coordinating the cataloging and publishing of this enormous collection of Demotic papyri, especially literary papyri. Her research during the past year, in addition to the Demotic Dictionary Project (see separate report), focused on questions of ethnicity in Persian-period Egypt (a short paper which will appear in the Festschrift for Professor Edward F. Wente) and on the legal status of women in ancient Egypt. Her study of the latter will appear as a chapter in the catalog for the forthcoming exhibit on "Women in Ancient Egypt" at the Cincinnati Art Museum. She very much enjoyed the chance to share with Oriental Institute Docents some of her more memorable reminiscences about life at the Oriental Institute at the "Faculty Round Table," which was held in conjunction with a reception at President and Mrs. Sonnenschein's home. But perhaps the most fun she had this year was taking their two grade-school age children to Jordan from Thanksgiving until New Years to join her husband, Donald Whitcomb, for part of his season of excavations at Aqaba, Jordan. Six weeks of sun, sand, digging and conservation, tea-breaks, new people, and new surroundings was exciting for all.

Revised: February 7, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1995-96 Annual Report