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The Oriental Institute Staff


July 1, 1996 - June 30, 1997

Emeritus Faculty

  • Lanny Bell, Associate Professor Emeritus of Egyptology
  • Robert J. Braidwood, Professor Emeritus
  • Hans G. Güterbock, Tiffany and Margaret Blank Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Hittitology
  • Erica Reiner, John A. Wilson Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Assyriology
  • Edward F. Wente, Professor Emeritus of Egyptology


  • Robert D. Biggs, Professor of Assyriology
  • John A. Brinkman, Charles H. Swift Distinguished Service Professor of Mesopotamian History
  • Miguel Civil, Professor of Sumerology
  • Fred M. Donner, Associate Professor of Islamic History
  • Peter F. Dorman, Associate Professor of Egyptology and Field Director, Epigraphic Survey
  • Walter T. Farber, Ph.D. Professor of Assyriology
  • McGuire Gibson, Professor of Archaeology
  • Norman Golb, Ludwig Rosenberg Professor in Jewish History and Civilization
  • Gene B. Gragg, Professor of Sumerology
  • Harry A. Hoffner, Jr., Professor of Hittitology and John A. Wilson Distinguished Service Professor of Oriental Studies
  • Janet H. Johnson, Professor of Egyptology
  • Mark Lehner, Visiting Assistant Professor of Egyptology
  • Dennis G. Pardee, Professor of Northwest Semitic Philology
  • Robert K. Ritner, Associate Professor of Egyptology
  • Martha T. Roth, Associate Professor of Assyriology (until 3/19/96), Professor of Assyriology
  • David Schloen, Assistant Professor of Syro-Palestinian Archaeology
  • Matthew W. Stolper, Professor of Assyriology
  • William M. Sumner, Professor of Archaeology and Director of the Oriental Institute
  • K. Aslihan Yener, Assistant Professor of Archaeology

Research Associates

  • Abbas Alizadeh, Research Associate, Chogha Mish Project
  • Kathryn Bard, Visiting Scholar (to 9/30/96)
  • Richard H. Beal, Research Associate, Hittite Dictionary Project
  • Barbara Böck, Research Associate, Chicago Assyrian Dictionary (1/1/97-5/24/97)
  • Linda Braidwood, Associate (Prehistoric Project)
  • John Coleman Darnell, Senior Epigrapher, Epigraphic Survey
  • Gertrud Farber, Research Associate, Sumerian Lexicon Project
  • John Foster, Research Associate, Egyptian Poetry
  • Hripsime Haroutunian, Research Associate, Hittite Dictionary Project (to 8/25/96)
  • Timothy Harrison, Research Associate (to 9/1/96)
  • Thomas A. Holland, Research Associate and Managing Editor, Publications
  • W. Raymond Johnson, Research Associate (Assistant Professor) and Field Director, Epigraphic Survey (from 3/1/97)
  • Raija Mattila, Research Associate, Assyrian Dictionary Project, (to 1/15/97)
  • Carol Meyer, Research Associate, Bir Umm Fawakhir Project
  • Walter Rast, Research Associate, Palestinian Archaeology, Early Bronze Age
  • John Sanders, Research Associate and Head, Oriental Institute Computer Laboratory
  • Oguz Soysal, Research Associate, Hittite Dictionary Project
  • Claudia Suter, Research Associate, Diyala Objects Publication Project
  • Karel van Lerberghe, Research Associate, Chicago Assyrian Dictionary (to 12/14/96)
  • Stephen Vinson, Research Associate, Demotic Dictionary Project
  • Donald Whitcomb, Research Associate (Associate Professor), Islamic and Medieval Archaeology
  • Tony J. Wilkinson, Research Associate (Associate Professor), Regional and Environmental Archaeology
  • Bruce Williams, Research Associate, Tombos (Sudan) Project (from 1/1/97)
  • Karen L. Wilson, Research Associate and Curator, Oriental Institute Museum


  • Andrew Baumann, Epigrapher, Epigraphic Survey (to 5/97)
  • Florence Bonnick, Fiscal Administrative Assistant/li>
  • Denise Browning, Manager, Suq
  • Tim Cashion, Membership Coordinator
  • Edward Castle, Student Epigrapher, Epigraphic Survey
  • Linda Cohn-Kobylecky, Artist, Epigraphic Survey
  • Laura D'Alessandro, Head Conservator, Museum
  • Deborah Darnell, Epigrapher and Research Librarian, Epigraphic Survey
  • Margaret DeJong, Artist, Epigraphic Survey
  • Christina DiCerbo, Artist, Epigraphic Survey
  • Catherine Dueñas, Docent Coordinator, Volunteer Program
  • Cynthia Echols, Assistant Director for Membership and Development
  • Terry Friedman, Docent Coordinator, Volunteer Program
  • Amanda Geppert, Project Assistant, Administration (to 4/27/97)
  • Kaylin Goldstein, Programs Assistant, Museum Education
  • Jean Grant, Photographer, Museum
  • Barbara Hamann, Assistant Conservator, Museum
  • Dionne Herron, Development Associate
  • Chester Isiah, Custodian
  • Charles E. Jones, Research Archivist
  • Christopher Kahrl, Sales and Marketing, Publications
  • Yarko Kobylecky, Photographer, Epigraphic Survey
  • Carole Krucoff, Head, Museum Education and Public Programming
  • John Larson, Museum Archivist
  • Jill Carlotta Maher, Assistant to the Director of the Epigraphic Survey
  • Linda McLarnan, Editorial Assistant, Assyrian Dictionary
  • Emily Napolitano, Museum Education (from 5/97)
  • Randolph Olive, Assistant Preparator, Museum
  • Susan Osgood, Artist, Epigraphic Survey
  • Florence Ovadia, Suq Assistant
  • Carol Redmond, Education Outreach Coordinator, Museum Education
  • Anna Rochester, Education Outreach Coordinator, Museum Education (from 5/97)
  • Margaret Schröeder, Security Supervisor, Museum
  • Joe Searcy, Preparator, Museum
  • Edythe Seltzer, Typist, Assyrian Dictionary
  • Elinor Smith, Photographic Archivist, Epigraphic Survey
  • Paul Spruhan, Office Manager, Museum
  • Emily Teeter, Associate Curator, Museum
  • Raymond Tindel, Registrar, Museum
  • Thomas Urban, Senior Editor, Publications

Revised: February 7, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1996-97 Annual Report