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The Chicago Assyrian Dictionary


Martha T. Roth

During the 1997/98 academic year, the staff of the CAD continued to devote most of our energy to the P and R volumes.

During summer 1997, we again enjoyed the collaboration of Hermann Hunger, University of Vienna, who spent his time reading through the P volume, making invaluable suggestions for improving, correcting, and updating the articles. The checking of the P manuscript was completed by resident research associates and assistants Gertrud Farber, David Testen, and Michael Kozuh, and by editorial board members Robert Biggs, Erica Reiner, Martha Roth, and Matthew Stolper. Checking is that crucial stage in dictionary preparation in which every reference, citation, page or plate number, line number, cuneiform sign, transcription, context, and translation is checked by Assyriologists against the original cuneiform tablet, copy, photograph, and/or scholarly edition.

Roth then began the task of reading through the entire manuscript, from *paºadu, an adjective that means "offered," which is attested only in texts from Emar (SILA4.MESH pa-a-da-ti ana ili uzaºazu "they divide the offered lambs among the gods"), to puzzuru, another adjective, meaning "completely hidden," which occurs only as a personal name in the Old Babylonian and Middle Babylonian periods ("Mr. Enigmatic") and in a bilingual Sumerian and Akkadian lexical text where it appears among qualifications of court decisions (dinu pu-zu-ru, din nullâti "unfathomable decision, improper decision"). During this intensive critical reading, the editor's focus is on the volume as a whole, rather than on the individual lemmata, and she evaluates the corrections and suggestions made during the checking process. By the end of June, Roth was about halfway through her reading of the eleven binders of the checked P manuscript, and she kept the research associates busy with all the new questions and problems that inevitably arise. When a binder is "cleared" by Roth, our manuscript editor Linda McLarnan reviews it and turns it over to our typist Edythe Seltzer, who inputs the accumulated corrections. This entire process will continue well into the next year.

This year, the R volume, which is being printed by Eisenbrauns, moved much closer to publication. Linda McLarnan coordinated the proofreading and correcting of the volume. David Testen and Michael Kozuh assisted in proofreading the second galleys and page proofs. By the end of June we had returned all 847 second galleys to Eisenbrauns, and second galleys 1-769 had been set as page proofs and returned to us.

About half of the T volume, which is being printed by J. J. Augustin, is now in second galleys, and those second galleys have been returned to the printer to be set as pages.

We again benefited from the good cheer and able assistance of University of Chicago students participating in the College Research Opportunities Program, who perform various lexicographic and clerical tasks for the dictionary. Jason Kemper and Jordan Finkin both returned to us for a second year, and they brought along Andrew Simpson, a Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations major, to assist them with the work on the computer catalogue of the Oppenheim offprint collection. Jordan received his Master of Arts degree in Jewish Studies this June and has left us for a real job with Encyclopedia Britannica. Jason graduated from the College in June but will return for the graduate program in Jewish Studies and plans on finishing the catalogue in fall 1998; he also intends to cap the project with an essay about the Oppenheim offprint collection. Andrew also will return to us after his summer-long intensive Arabic course in Jordan.

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1997-98 Annual Report