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Individual Scholarship


Walter Farber

Following two deaths in his family, Walter Farber's academic year 1997/98 was often disrupted and altogether not one of his most productive periods of scholarship. Even so, his work on the new edition of the Lamashtu corpus made some progress (he knows you have heard that before). Besides that, he finished a feature article on Babylonian medicine requested for an archaeological encyclopedia, only to find out that the whole project had been canceled by the publishers. The manuscript is now waiting in the drawer, either for inclusion in a similar project currently planned by the same editor for a different publisher, or for some rewriting and eventual publication in a different format.

Walter, as usual, loved the challenges of some of the courses he taught this year, hated most of his administrative duties, and barely found the time for several overdue book reviews. In an age of festschrift inflation, he was invited to contribute to four such volumes this year, accepted two of the invitations, and has started work on both of these articles.

Revised: February 7, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1997-98 Annual Report