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Individual Scholarship


Carol Meyer

In addition to directing the fourth season of survey work at Bir Umm Fawakhir in November and December of 1997 (see 97-98 Bir Umm Fawakhir report), Carol Meyer submitted the final revisions for A Byzantine Gold Mining Town: Bir Umm Fawakhir 1993 to the Oriental Institute Publications Office in October. In February she completed a proposal to the National Geographic Society and revised the one to the Egyptian Antiquities Project, both for support for the 1999 season. In March she delivered a talk to the South Chicago Archaeological Society on glass from Quseir al-Qadim and trade connections throughout the Indian Ocean region in antiquity. April saw a presentation on "Gold Mining at Bir Umm Fawakhir" at the annual meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt in Los Angeles. Last but not least, work has begun on the final report on the Bir Umm Fawakhir 1996 and 1997 seasons.

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1997-98 Annual Report