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Individual Scholarship


Edward F. Wente

During 1997/98 Edward F. Wente completed four major articles for The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt on the topics of Late Egyptian, Correspondences, Monotheism, and Hieratic, as well as several shorter contributions on the Tale of the Doomed Prince, the Book of Kemit, and the myth of the Destruction of Mankind. Plans have been made for a new edition of the volume The Literature of Ancient Egypt, edited by William Kelly Simpson, and Wente has been revising his old translations of the Late Egyptian stories and preparing translations of several additional texts to be included in the new edition. In connection with the Society of Biblical Literature series Writings from the Ancient World he is currently involved in editing a volume of texts of the Third Intermediate Period for which Robert K. Ritner is providing the translations.

Since retirement at the end of 1995, Wente has continued supervising doctoral dissertations. In June 1998, his student Andrew Bauman successfully defended his dissertation, "The Suffix Conjugation of Early Egyptian as Evidenced in the Underworld Books," and Edward Castle is now putting the finishing touches on his Ph.D. dissertation dealing with weights and international trade in the ancient Near East. In November 1997 Wente accompanied an Oriental Institute sponsored tour group on a two-week visit to Egypt.

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1997-98 Annual Report