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The Museum Suq


Denise Browning

Even with the museum still under renovation, this has been a very busy year for the Suq. We started off in October with the second annual Oriental Rug Symposium and sale, with piles of rugs from Afghanistan, Morocco, Turkey, Central Asia, and Egypt. Our speakers included our own Robert Biggs, McGuire Gibson, and John Sanders, as well as Susan Gomersall, Maury Bynum, and Peter Stone. We had a good turn out for the symposium and sold over 300 rugs. With little time to catch our breath we exhibited a booth at the Newberry Library's Very Merry Bazaar for four days the weekend before Thanksgiving, producing record sales and answering many questions about the renovation. As soon as we unpacked from the Newberry we packed up again and moved to Harper Court for the opening of our second store, Museums, Etc. Thanks to the efforts of Bud Haas we were able to acquire a very enviable space in Harper Court during the holiday season. Mark Johnson of the Harper Court Foundation was very gracious and helpful in meeting all of our specialized needs. We invited the DuSable Museum and the Robie House to join us. Kasha Yankovich from the Robie House and Donna Metz from the DuSable Museum were a pleasure to work with and I am sure that we will find many more projects on which to collaborate in the future. At the same time we had our December sale in the Suq. We would never have made it without the extra help from our volunteers Norma van der Meulen, Jane Thain, Bud and Cissy Haas, and our friends Lawrence Klevan and Joan Friedrich who manned the Museums, Etc. Store. Then came the Annual Dinner where we decorated the former Palestinian Gallery walls with a wonderful new shipment of rugs from Afghanistan that were later sold during the year end inventory sale. We never anticipated how busy we would be during the construction, but we are now focusing on the challenges that the opening of the new galleries will bring to the Suq.

A very special thanks to Christine Chen who graduated this spring and will be leaving us soon. Her many talents have greatly enhanced the Suq. She has ordered our books, designed displays, created beautiful jewelry, organized the office, carried tons of rugs, and with the help of Susan Atkin designed the Museums, Etc. Store and created beautiful chalk drawings on the sidewalks of the quads announcing our sales.

We will also be losing Aysha Haq after fours years. She has been responsible for filling all of our mail orders and working at many of our special events.

Many thanks to Florence Ovadia who creates our beautiful displays and to Georgie Maynard who keeps our books restocked.

Loyal Docents

Muriel Brauer, Peggy Kovacs, Jane Thain

Patty Dunkel, Agnethe Rattenborg, Norma van der Meulen

Barbara Frey, Rochelle Rossin

Ruth Hyman, Mary Schulman

Loyal Docent Substitutes

Barbara Storms Baird, Peggy Grant, Janet Helman, Jo Jackson

Newberry Volunteers

Margaret Schröeder, Norma van der Meulen, Natalia Wilson

Museums, Etc. Volunteers

Bud Haas, Cissy Haas, Jane Thain, Norma van der Meulen

Behind the Scenes Docents

Georgie Maynard, Eleanor Swift

Jewelry Designer

Norma van der Meulen

Revised: February 7, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1997-98 Annual Report