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The Chicago Assyrian Dictionary


Martha T. Roth

During the 1998/99 academic year, the staff of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary Project devoted most of our energy to the P volume. Editor-in-charge Martha T. Roth completed her reading of the entire checked 3,600-page manuscript. Appropriately, the number 3,600, Akkadian shar, is used in Sumerian and Akkadian idiomatically to mean "countless" and "totality." No less appropriately, at the halfway point of the P Volume we have pitru B meaning half a shar or 1,800.

Dr. Joan Westenholz joined our staff for the year, taking a leave from her position as Chief Curator at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem to return to Chicago. She and Dr. David Testen, assisted by our part-time research assistant Michael Kozuh, a graduate student in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, went through the card files that have accumulated over the decades and examined recently published books in order to eliminate outdated references. Members of the Editorial Board were also given the opportunity to review the manuscript. The manuscript editor Linda McLarnan and research associate Dr. Gertrud Farber continued to incorporate all the corrections and changes into a final master copy. The P manuscript will be sent to press in 1999.

Meanwhile, the page proofs for the R volume were all returned to our typesetter, Eisenbrauns, and they returned corrected final pages to our offices. The volume will be published in 1999, after the front matter is finalized.

The T Volume was transferred to Eisenbrauns, and T will be typeset in 1999. We anticipate that the volume will appear in 2001.

Publication and distribution were reorganized, and stock formerly held in Glückstadt, Germany, by our former printer is now in Chicago and available for distribution world-wide. Out-of-print volumes A/1, B, and Z were reprinted, and all published volumes are again available.

We again benefited from the good cheer and able assistance of University of Chicago students participating in the College Research Opportunities Program, who perform various lexicographic and clerical tasks for the dictionary. Jason Kemper and Andrew Simpson completed the computer catalog of the Oppenheim offprint collection, and Edward Schoolman began cataloging the Sachs offprint collection. Mr. Kemper completed his master's degree and will spend next year working with Dr. Joan Westenholz at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem; Mr. Simpson finished his bachelor's degree and will attend graduate school in linguistics at Berkeley next year. We expect to see Mr. Schoolman, a second year student in the College, return to the dictionary project in fall to continue work on the Sachs collection.

We ended the academic year by submitting a new grant proposal to the National Endowment for the Humanities, requesting funds to complete the final volumes, T and U/W, and to bring this long-running project to a successful conclusion.

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1998-99 Annual Report