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Individual Scholarship


Oguz Soysal

In 1998/99 Oguz Soysal continued his work on the Chicago Hittite Dictionary Project. He has spent most of his time writing articles on words beginning with "sh" (mostly shu-, and a few sha- words).

Aside from this, his research activities have continued to focus on Hittite language, history, and culture. Two articles dealing with Hittite oracular and festival texts have been published in Archivum Anatolicum 3 (Turkey, 1998) pp. 301-339 and in Journal of Cuneiform Studies 50 (1998) pp. 59-65. He currently has other works in press in the journals Hethitica 14 (Belgium, 1999), Kratylos 44 (Germany, 1999), Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 90 (Germany, 2000), Archivum Anatolicum 4 (Turkey, 2000), and in a German festschrift (1999).

In addition to these activities he has also been preparing since January 1996 a Hattian word list based on texts in the Hattian language from Bogazköy (Hattian-Hittite bilinguals, Hattian recitations, Hittite rituals and festivals with Hattian elements, etc.). The list in question currently consists of 10,000 computer-stored entries (words and word complexes; 100% of published material) on 450 pages and is still in progress.

In 1998 he received an official invitation from the leaders of the Ortaköy excavation (in Çorum, Turkey) to work jointly with them on the epigraphic finds. The work on the Ortaköy epigraphic finds was begun in 1990 by a Turkish team led by Aygül Süel, excavator of Ortaköy and member of Ankara University. Soysal joined this team in 1998, and since then he has been contributing to the studies on the documents in Hattian within his personal project, Ortaköy-Sapinuwa Epigraphical Research (OSER). This project has been supported by the American Research Institute in Turkey in 1999 with a research fellowship. The work in 1999 was conducted during April and May. He spent the month of April with Aygül Süel in Ankara to select texts for further research. In May, accompanied by Yasemin Ar1kan-Soysal and Esma Reyhan (both are members of Ankara University), the team went to Çorum and began taking pictures of the selected original tablets (primarily the Hattian and vocabulary texts), which are deposited at the Museum of Çorum. During this work more than ten small fragments have been identified as joins, and glued together in order to gain larger and more complete texts. They now total fifty fragments, most belonging to three different foundation rituals written as bilinguals in Hattian and Hittite, that are already known from the Bogazköy archives. There are also a few very important vocabulary texts. With the permission of Aygül Süel, the pictures of these Hattian and vocabulary fragments were brought to Chicago. This makes intensive work on the epigraphic material of Ortaköy possible in Soysal's workplace at the Oriental Institute, where he is able to use the rich archival files collection of the Chicago Hittite Dictionary. The Ankara-Chicago cooperation is expected to be very fruitful for Hittite lexical studies. Indeed, the results that this cooperation has achieved to date are encouraging. The Hattian-Hittite bilingual texts and Sumerian-Akkadian-Hittite vocabulary texts have revealed many lexical items that remained unknown to date. It is fortunate that there is the great opportunity to consult in the Ortaköy epigraphical research two lexical projects at the Oriental Institute - the Chicago Hittite Dictionary and the Materials for the Sumerian Lexicon. Their support is very important for utilizing and commenting on the epigraphic material from Ortaköy. As part of the work for 1999, Oguz Soysal and Aygül Süel are now preparing three joint articles for publication, in which they will report the first results of the studies on the Ortaköy tablets, in order to make them accessible to the community of scholars in the humanities. The tentative titles are: A Vocabulary Text from Ortaköy, The Hattian-Hittite Foundation Rituals from Ortaköy (I), and Ortaköy'de Bulunmu® Hattice-Hititçe ∫n®a Ritüelleri (I) (Turkish version of the second).

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1998-99 Annual Report