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Individual Scholarship


Emily Teeter

Most of Emily Teeter's time was consumed by the installation of the Oriental Institute Museum's new Grimshaw Egyptian Gallery. She was called upon to give numerous lectures about the installation and on the mechanics and theory of museum exhibitions. Among the talks were the Harper Lectures, sponsored by the University of Chicago Alumni Society in Seattle and Portland. To prepare our own docents for the new gallery, she wrote a new training handbook and presented several lectures and gallery tours. She served as a consultant for the exhibit Women of the Nile presented at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, and she was the keynote speaker at a teacher's training institute at the University of Washington in conjunction with the Seattle Art Museum's presentation of the exhibit "Searching for Ancient Egypt" circulated by the University Museum, Pennsylvania. She returned to Seattle later in the year to participate on a panel discussion of the African-ness of ancient Egyptian culture. She also spoke at the Northern California chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt, discussing her research on baked clay figurines from Medinet Habu. In April, Emily served as the overall coordinator of the annual American Research Center in Egypt meetings which were held in Chicago with record-breaking attendance (over 350 people).

Emily joined Franck Goddio's team in the Eastern Harbor of Alexandria. Using sonar and underwater GPS surveying techniques, the joint French-Egyptian team's findings have significantly altered the traditionally accepted map based upon Strabo's Geography. Emily joined the project to help identify and date architectural remains and sculpture retrieved from the ruins of the Ptolemaic and Roman city.

Publications for the year include Egypt and the Egyptians (co-authored with Douglas Brewer); entries in Microsoft's Encarta Encyclopedia and in the Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt, edited by K. Bard; as well as numerous magazine articles about the new Egyptian Gallery. Now that the gallery is essentially complete, Emily has resumed work on the manuscripts Egyptian Art in the Collection of the Oriental Institute (funded by the Women's Board of the University) and the second volume of the ongoing Medinet Habu publication series, dealing with baked clay and faience sculpture. She continued to work with the Oriental Institute Publications Office on the finalization of a festschrift for Professor Edward F. Wente. Travel included a tour to Yemen and Oman and a real vacation in Europe.

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1998-99 Annual Report