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Individual Scholarship


David Testen

In addition to assisting the editor of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary in the compiling and editing of the P volume, David Testen taught Introduction to Comparative Semitic in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations program during the Winter Quarter. He continued his research into the development of the phonological and morphological systems of the Semitic languages in papers delivered at Stanford University ("Assimilation and Allophony within the Uvular Series," at the Thirteenth Arabic Linguistics Symposium), at Ohio State ("Early Arabic Dialectology: Gleanings from the Qur'an"), and in Baltimore ("Some Semitic Stems Owing Their Biconsonantality to Laryngeal Loss," at the Twenty-seventh North American Conference on Afro-Asiatic Linguistics, and "Conjugating the `Prefixed Stative' Verbs of Akkadian," at the 209th Meeting of the American Oriental Society). He also presented "Traces of a Pre-Ossetian Nominal Suffix Preserved in Early Loanwords" at the first Chicago Conference on Caucasia, held at the University of Chicago.

Testen's monograph Parallels in Semitic Linguistics: The Development of Arabic la- and Related Semitic Particles was published by E. J. Brill. Other publications that appeared over the course of the 1998/99 academic year are "Modern South Arabian `nine'" (Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies), "Semitic Terms for `myrtle': A Study in Covert Cognates" (Journal of Near Eastern Studies), "The Derivational Role of the Semitic N-Stem" (Zeitschrift für Assyriologie), "Morphological Observations on the Stems of the Semitic `nota accusativi'" (Archiv für Orientforschung), "The Phoenician Direct-Object Marker in the Inscription of Yh≥wmlk" (Ugarit-Forschungen), "Arabic Evidence for the Formation of the Verbal Noun of the Semitic Gt-Stem" (Journal of Semitic Studies), and "Literary Arabic and Early Hijazi: Contrasts in the Marking of Definiteness," in Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XI, edited by Elabbas Benmamoun, Mushira Eid, and Niloofar Haeri (John Benjamins). Articles are also forthcoming in Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XII, the Journal of Near Eastern Studies, and the Celtic journal Ériu.

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1998-99 Annual Report