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The Museum Suq


Denise Browning

Thanks to a very generous donation, this year has been an exciting one for the Suq with the start of our own renovation! The entire store was gutted, the walls lined with fabric covered homosote and hidden stantions for shelving, and the ceiling raised to the same height as the lobby giving us a much more open feeling to our tiny space, and eventually a place to hang some of our rugs. The homosote has some of the properties of cork board, allowing us to easily hang merchandise all over the store like a real Near Eastern suq. Still to be installed are the track lighting, a new jewelry case, and a new cash register station. Most of the work thankfully was completed in time for the opening of our new Egyptian Gallery.

This year we once again were involved in the Newberry Library's Very Merry Bazaar. Thanks to all of those that helped: Barbara Baird, Natalia Uribe, Amy Hoffsheir, and Margaret Schröeder.

Unfortunately this year is the last for Barbara Frey since she will be moving to Florida full-time. She has given many years of service to the Suq and we will miss her.

Our Holiday sale and our year end inventory sale were very successful this year. We sold over seventy rugs during the inventory sale!

Many thanks to all of our loyal docents who have helped make our success possible and who have so cheerfully greeted all of our new customers with the opening of the Egyptian Gallery. Thanks to Florence Ovadia for making our Suq beautiful, to Georgie Maynard for keeping our books stocked, and to our student office staff: Amy Hoffsheir, Holly Warren, Jo Anna Lee, and Susan Atkin. A special thanks to Norma van der Meulen who has designed many beautiful pieces of jewelry for our store. Also, thanks to Muriel and Jerry Brauer who opened their home to me in San Francisco, so that I was able to attend the San Francisco gift show to bring some wonderful merchandise back to the Suq. I even found some modern hand cut cylinder seals!

Docents - Loyal Regulars

Muriel Brauer, Georgie Maynard

Patty Dunkel, Norma van der Meulen

Barbara Frey, Agnethe Rattenborg

Peggy Grant, Rochelle Rossin

Ruth Hyman, Mary Schulman

Peggy Kovacs, Jane Thain

Elizabeth Lassers

Docents - Loyal Extras

Barbara Storms Baird, Eleanor Swift

Meg Dorman, Felicia Whitcomb

Janet Helman, John Whitcomb

Jo Jackson

Revised: February 7, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1998-99 Annual Report