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The Development Office


Tim Cashion


Private non-federal gifts and grants totaled $2,114,898.09. Membership revenues totaled $217,839.13. The Oriental Institute gallery reinstallation campaign debuted in November 1999 and had raised $1,570,000 of its $3,450,000 goal by the close of the fiscal year on 30 June 2000.

The Visiting Committee met twice in 1999/2000. The first meeting, on 3 November 1999 in the Dining Room of the LaSalle Bank Building in downtown Chicago, focused on the prospects of the Institute after the completion of the Legacy Campaign, with particular attention to named professorships, long-term support for dictionary and electronic publication efforts, and general research needs. On 17 May 2000, the Committee met to discuss the details of the ongoing gallery reinstallation effort.

The University of Chicago Board of Trustees has elected two new members to the Visiting Committee to the Oriental Institute. We welcome John W. Rowe and Neil J. King. The Institute accepted with thanks for several years of devoted service the resignation of the Rev. John M. Sevick and mourns the passing of Ira G. Marks.

The James Henry Breasted Society met twice during the year. On Thursday 18 November, the Society dined in the Director's Study with Professor Marvin Powell of Northern Illinois University, who spoke after dinner on Babylonian weights and measures. On May 17, the Society joined Robert Ballard, the famed underwater explorer, at The Field Museum of Natural History in downtown Chicago.

The Institute hosted the following lectures in 1999/2000:

13 October 1999: "Searching for Lot of the Bible," a Members Lecture by Konstantinos D. Politis, Ph.D.

19 January 2000: "Ras Shamra-Ugarit: Past Glories, Present Prospects," a Members Lecture by Professor Dennis Pardee of the Institute.

13 February 2000: "The Bible and the Monuments," a Members Lecture by Professor William W. Hallo of Yale University.

23 February 2000: "Artisan Workshops and Cosmic Symbolism: Ceramic Sculpture from Ancient Egypt," a Members Lecture by Associate Professor Peter F. Dorman of the Institute.

29 March 2000: "The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Current Controversy over Their Meaning," a Members Lecture by Norman Golb, the Ludwig Rosenberger Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Chicago.

4 April 2000: "Tel Anafa: Case Study of a Graeco-Phoenician Settlement in the Hellenistic Era," a joint Members Lecture and Archaeological Institute of America Lecture by Sharon Herbert of the University of Michigan.

12 April 2000: "Early Towns in Highest Yemen: Investigation of the Bronze Age Mountain Stronghold of Hammat al-Qa," a Members Lecture by Research Associate (Assoc. Prof.) Tony Wilkinson of the Institute.

17 May 2000: "Underwater Archaeology, Ashkelon, and the Black Sea: The 1999 Season," a Members Lecture by underwater archaeologist Robert Ballard.

31 May 2000: "An Important Early City Site in Syria: New Excavations at Tell Hamoukar," a Members Lecture by Professor McGuire Gibson of the Institute.

The Oriental Institute Travel Program offered departures to Egypt in February 2000, led by Associate Professor Robert K. Ritner and Museum Archivist John A. Larson, and to Eastern Turkey in May 2000, led by Associate Professor Emeritus Richard L. Chambers.

On 5 May 2000, more than 250 members and friends of the Institute gathered at the Drake Hotel to celebrate Romancing the Past 2000, a black-tie gala at which Visiting Committee Member Janet Helman, former Volunteer Coordinator, was awarded the James Henry Breasted Medallion by University of Chicago President Hugo F. Sonnenschein. The Breasted Medallion is the Institute's highest honor, recognizing extraordinary service by a volunteer: support for Institute initiatives, service in leadership roles, active engagement with the museum, and participation in research and field projects.

The evening included a silent auction of archival prints and rare jewelry, as well as a live auction of a one-week stay at Chicago House and a private dinner with Mark Lehner in the Grimshaw Egyptian Gallery. The evening's keynote address, a multimedia presentation of The Egyptian Hours of the Night, was presented by Robert K. Ritner, Associate Professor of Egyptology. Through the generosity of members and friends, Romancing the Past 2000 raised over $100,000 for the reinstallation of the Institute's galleries. The Institute thanks all of our supporters, particularly dinner chairs Thomas and Linda Heagy, Bruce Sagan and Bette Cerf Hill, Robert and Laura Lunn, and John and Jeanne Rowe and Medallion Underwriters Abbott Laboratories, The Coleman Foundation, LaSalle Bank, and Mayer Brown & Platt.

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1999-2000 Annual Report