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Listed below are several methods of seaching for data relating to The Oriental Institute, the University of Chicago, and the ancient Near East.

Search the Oriental Institute Web space

To search for PEOPLE at The Oriental Institute, please consult the
Oriental Institute Directories

To search for PEOPLE at the University of Chicago, please consult the
University of Chicago Directories

To search for PEOPLE in various fields of ancient Near Eastern studies, please use the
Abzu Directory Index

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, by browsing through the documents within the "oi.uchicago.edu" domain, you can attempt a search. Keep in mind that not all sites are adequately indexed by the large search engines, so your success may vary.

Simply append your search request AFTER the "host:*.oi.uchicago.edu " specification below -- type your search words in the space to the right in the window below -- and then click on the "Search" button.

NOTE: Do not delete "host:*.oi.uchicago.edu " or your search will expand to include the entire internet.

OPTIONS: Search and Display the Results

as requested,   the form,   or seek   Search help  with advanced features.

Search The University of Chicago Web space

Please try the new University of Chicago search engine below --
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beta version.

If you would like to refine your search, try our
advanced search .

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The Oriental Institute Web space, and Abzu are also indexed by the Argos search engine. Argos is the first peer-reviewed, limited area search engine (LASE) on the World-Wide Web. It has been designed to cover the ancient and medieval worlds Use the form below to search the Argos database



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