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Ancient Nubia: Glory and Grandeur Along the Nile
Saturday, May 6, 2006
9:30am 5pm
Breasted Hall, Oriental Institute

Presented by the Oriental Institute and the Graham School of General Studies of the University of Chicago . Co-sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America

Shrouded in mystery for millennia, the glory and grandeur of ancient Nubia will be revealed at this day-long symposium on a great African civilization that was born more than 6,000 years ago. Stretching along the Nile from the southern borders of today’s Egypt to the contemporary Sudanese capitol of Khartoum , ancient Nubia was home to kingdoms and cultures that were among the most artistic and sophisticated in the ancient world. This major symposium will examine the unique history and heritage of Nubia , and the impact of its legacy from ancient times to the present day.

Presented in conjunction with the Oriental Institute’s landmark new exhibition on ancient Nubia , this special event offers the rare opportunity to experience pre-eminent scholarship alongside a superb collection of Nubian art and artifacts, many never before on view. Learn how the Oriental Institute became a center for the archaeological recovery and study of ancient Nubia . Hear renowned guest lecturers present the latest research on Nubia ’s origins, its rivalry with ancient Egypt , and its century-long reign over land of the pharaohs. Encounter a society of wealth and power that controlled the largest empire ever seen in ancient Africa; supplied the gold, ebony, and ivory for such treasures as those buried in King Tutankhamun’s tomb; and struck such awe in the classical world that Greek and Roman authors called the ancient Nubians the favorites of the gods.

Symposium presenters from the Oriental Institute include:

Geoff Emberling, Director of the Oriental Institute Museum

Stephen Harvey, Assistant Professor of Egyptian Archaeology and Co-Curator of the Oriental Institute’s Robert F. Picken Family Nubian Gallery

Bruce Williams, Co-Curator of the Nubian Gallery, who has published eight volumes of final reports on the Oriental Institute’s Nubian Expedition of the 1960s.

Guest lecturers:

Salah Ahmed, Director of Field Work for the Sudanese government's National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums.

Stanley M. Burstein, Professor Emeritus of Ancient History and former chair of the History Department, California State University, Los Angeles, California, who has a special interest in Nubia’s connections to ancient Greece and Rome.

Brigitte Gratien, Director, French Archaeological Mission to Gism al Araba in northern Sudan .

Timothy Kendall, independent scholar who has conducted numerous archaeological excavations at ancient sites in Egypt and Sudan . Kendall was formerly Associate Curator of the Department of Egyptian and Near Eastern Art at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Derek Welsby, Assistant Keeper in the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, British Museum, London, England, and Curator of the British Museum exhibition “Sudan: Ancient Treasures.”

This program provides 6 CPDUs from the Illinois State Board of Education

Fee: $71 for Oriental Institute and Archaeological Institute of America members; $79 for non-members. Pre-registration is required. Program includes packet of materials, continental breakfast, closing reception, and viewing of the Ancient Nubia exhibition. Optional box lunches are available on request.

Revised: March 31, 2006
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